Favorites | March 2015

March 2015 Favorites
As the month of March comes to a close, I wanted to review some of my favorite things that I’ve loved about this month. This list is basically the things I’ve fallen in love with in the past few weeks, so I hope y’all can check these things out and feel the same!
Shameless (the US version)
I’ve binge watched all five seasons (episodes are between 45 and 50 minutes long) of this show in the past couple weeks, and I haven’t regretted it one bit. I absolutely love the characters and how the show deals with serious issues while finding a way to keep things light. The finale of the show’s fifth season is next Sunday, but don’t rush watching it all in a week if you’ve got stuff to do!
I’ve used this stuff every single day this month. It never clumps, and my eyelashes have never looked longer! I only have the travel-sized version because it came in my Naked On the Run set, but once this runs out, I definitely look forward to buying the real thing!
I bought this shirt as a total impulse buy because they had it for half off in a flash sale, and wow, am I glad I did! Needless to say, I love this shirt! It’s comfortable and light which is perfect for spring, and I’m so excited to wear this every chance I get.
Pazazz Apples
HEB has the largest selection of apples I’ve ever seen. I really just picked these up because they were giant and looked delicious, and they have not disappointed in either of these aspects. They’re too big for my apple slicer to go totally through, and they taste amazing!
Resilient is a mental health website similar to Pinterest but for your emotional well-being. They also offer online “classes” that help in dealing with depression and anxiety.* I signed up for Resilient’s 30 Day Negativity Detox last month not knowing what to expect. I received an email every day from Resilient’s founder Katie Harp about tips and tricks and even personal anecdotes about recovery with an action step to journal about or do that day. I felt better journaling about my experiences and really thinking about how I feel instead of regurgitating it to a therapist.
*I’m gonna be serious for a second: depression and anxiety are very, very real things, and if you think you have one or both of them, try seeing your doctor, a therapist, or your college’s counseling center (yes I promise there is one). If you’re not comfortable seeing a professional or your parents, try talking to one of your best friends or someone else you trust.
So that’s all I have for y’all in these last few March days. I really look forward to April with Easter coming up (and going home) this week! Let us know what you’ve liked about these past thirty days in the comments!

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Eggcellent Easter Link Roundup

Eggcellent Easter Link Roundup
Wandering through the aisles of any store, you can can find Easter themed products everywhere! From mountains of stuffed rabbits to piles of Easter candy, you can’t help but to be in a springy mood. Whether you celebrate Easter or not (one of us does and the other doesn’t), you can enjoy the chocolate sales and pastel colors of the season. Regardless, it’s a time a lot of people have off to spend with family or friends. To help you celebrate, we’ve put together a list of recipes and decorations for you to enjoy this Easter!
Easter is a good time to indulge your sweet tooth. From soft and chewy cookies to speckled cake, your sweet tooth and your Instagram can be filled with yumminess. Shaguna, even though she doesn’t celebrate the holiday, had a tradition of buying stuffed animal bunnies during Easter time. Instead of buying some bunny-themed things, try makking a bunny topiary, slippers, coconut covered tails, or even fun bunny ears for your ice cream! We all know Easter isn’t complete without the eggs! Try these dyed deviled eggs or cookie dough filled egg truffles! Last but not least, if you want to have a “grown up” Easter egg hunt, try these confetti filled eggs that are great for a confetti fight!

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Four Best Note-Taking Apps for College Students

Pin: 4 Best Note-Taking Apps for College StudentsWe find it difficult to take notes on paper. Everyone might not be this way, but we definitely are. Our generation uses technology so frequently that it’s now one of the most important aspects of our lives. Also, you can’t use command+F on paper notes or keep up with that professor who speaks faster than you can think. Taking notes is the best way to succeed in classes as it makes sure that you are paying attention. Even if you are only copying down the PowerPoint, both hearing and writing it out will help you remember the material when it comes time to studying. To help y’all out, we have complied a list of our favorite FREE note-taking apps. Let’s be real—we’re college students and we’d rather spend our money on other things. Also, they are all available for Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android, so you can review your notes wherever you go.
Evernote Screenshot Four Best Note-Taking Apps for College Students - gold and hearts gold&hearts
Evernote is our favorite! We love how easy it is to use and organize. All the writing for this blog occurs on a shared notebook. You can organize your notes into notebooks (for classes), and attach tags to each post. It’s recently implemented a chat feature for more efficient collaborative work. It isn’t going to be a replacement for the class Google Doc review, but it is good for collaborative work where many people aren’t typing at once. You can make lists, graphs, and charts, all while recording your professor’s lecture. Basically, Evernote is your note-taking hero.
OneNote Screenshot Four Best Note-Taking Apps for College Students - gold and hearts gold&hearts
OneNote is another favorite. OneNote functions just like a notebook. You can write anywhere on the page and organize your notes into tabs and notebooks. You could have one notebook for school, another for blogging, and another for any of your hobbies. OneNote works well for math based classes as you can copy paste diagrams or pictures in and them draw on them. If you have a tablet, this is perfect for your math classes and it saves all your work immediately without compromising format! It has a new realtime collaborative function, so it’s great for group work as well!
 Google Drive/Google Docs
Google Drive Google Docs Screenshot Four Best Note-Taking Apps for College Students - gold and hearts gold&hearts
 Most college students are already familiar with Google Docs. It’s our savior before big exams when that one overachiever fills out a majority of it. We love the functionality of a good ol’ Google Doc. You can collaborate seamlessly and in real time. It’s great for notes, saving immediately just like all the other apps. Another way to use Google Drive for notes is to write notes in Word and save them to your Google Drive. I, personally, have NOTHING saved on my laptop itself. Everything directly saves to the Drive. For our own sanity, we love having the reassurance that even if all of our devices simultaneously exploded, our documents would be safe.
SimpleNote Screenshot Four Best Note-Taking Apps for College Students - gold and hearts gold&hearts
Simplenote is a great alternative to these apps if you find it difficult to focus. It’s super clean without too many functions or buttons. It’s a great place to just sit down and write. It’s perfect for those times that you have a two page paper to do, which you know can finish in thirty minutes if you just sit down and hammer it out. It reduces the distractions and provides a blank canvas for you to focus on. Simplenote tells you how many words and characters your content has so you can keep track of your paper all on the same screen. Similarly to the others, it syncs up on multiple devices over Wifi and allows for collaboration.

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Happy Spring!

Spring has Sprung
We’re thrilled that spring has sprung here at gold&hearts! Besides the thick layer of pollen on our cars, the fresh green of leaves and new flowers make us super excited for the season. Soon, peonies will be available at Whole Foods, and allergy medicine will be flying off the shelves! Spring is a great season in Texas because bluebonnets line highways and it’s warm without having the unbearable heat of summer. Also, it’s finally appropriate to start wearing OPI’s Cajun Shrimp!
Spring is a time of rebirth, so maybe it’s a time to revisit those New Year’s resolutions or make new ones! We’ve rounded up some links to help you with whatever you become inspired to do this spring. Maybe it’s the time for a bit of spring cleaning, mainly to store all those cute coats and boots you bought over the winter. Don’t forget your brushes either! We want to throw a cute garden party, or maybe just a small party with finger sandwiches where everyone wears real clothes for once? For most normal college students (read lazy and tired), you can always get into the spring mood by going through a Buzzfeed article of the adorable baby animals. At least that’s what we’re doing right now…

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DIY | Watercolor Shamrock Garland

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone!
DIY Shamrock Garland
We have a super cute shamrock garland for y’all to make (and I promise the hardest part is cutting it out).
DIY Shamrock Garland Materials
Here’s what you’re gonna need:
– scissors
– clover template (I used this one)
– cardstock or even watercolor paper if you have some
– watercolor palette
– glass of water (or two if you’re thirsty)
– paintbrush
– embroidery thread or baker’s twine
– needle
– Mod Podge
– toothpick
– glitter glue (optional)
DIY Shamrock Garland Watercolor Painting
STEP 1: Once you’ve acquired your supplies, get to painting! Be sure your watercolor is wet enough so you can have varying shades and vibrancies on your little clovers. I like to use the extra well in my palette’s lid to make more diluted colors to have a wider range of color. I had to use three full sheets of paper to have enough shamrocks to spell out what I wanted with a couple mistakes and extras. Please, please wait until your sheets are completely dry to start stenciling! Paper also likes to curl up when wet, so stack some heavy books on top after the pages dry to flatten them out (thank you, Norton Anthology of English Literature).
STEP 2: With the outlined shape here, scale the image down to 32% (an option on Print dialog box) before printing one to use as a stencil. I traced its thin edges with a thicker black marker, but if you’re confident with cutting out curvy shapes you can leave it as is. Cut out your template shape.

STEP 3: Here comes the more tedious part. Trace your template onto the back of your watercolored paper so you don’t have to worry about seeing pen or pencil marks on your beautiful art. Include small (about 1/3 in. x 1/2 in.) tabs on the clovers’ tops for hanging later on. Begin cutting out your shamrocks, ensuring that you don’t cut off your tabs (I did this a few times)! Move the paper rather than scissors around all the dips and turns.
DIY Shamrock Garland Cut-outs
STEP 4: Write out your letters in glitter glue and wait to dry. Apply a small amount of Mod Podge with the toothpick onto the tab’s end 1/8 inch. Carefully stick the tab to the back of the shamrock, forming a small loop for the thread to travel through.
DIY Shamrock Garland Letters
STEP 5: You’re nearly finished! Thread whatever string you’re using for the garland, then carefully pass the needle in the gap between the adhered tab and the back of the clover. Make sure you keep all your letters in order!
We hope y’all had a shamrockin’ St. Patty’s Day! Tell us how you celebrated today in the comments!

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Wishlist | Marble

Here's every millennial marble wishlist!

Here at gold&hearts, we’ve been obsessed with marble and everything marble related. Pinterest has been overflowing with marble crafts, and we are definitely buying into the trend. We’ve complied our favorite marble products from around the internet into one master wishlist. No matter how big or small your love of marble is, you will find something that you love on this list.
Every millennial's marble wishlist!

5.iPhone Case

6. Fox Run Marble Board

7. Marble Coasters

What’s your opinion on the marble trend? Are you planning on buying any of these products? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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