Finals | Study Tips for the Class You Don’t Pay Attention In!

Finals | Study Tips for the Class You Don't Pay Attention In!

Everyone has that one (more probably) class they can’t pay attention in. The professor is painfully boring and reads off the slides. He only has two exams a semester and posts all his lecture notes online. Best, or worst depending on how you look at it, thing is that he doesn’t take attendance. It’s the easiest class to skip because you know you don’t miss anything. You could literally sit in the first row and STILL not pay attention, probably scroll through Pinterest. Yet, when it’s midterm time, you’re in full panic mode. How do you study for a class you haven’t paid attention AT ALL? Don’t worry! We have realistic solutions to prepare for that class.

Attend class!

Literally, just go to class. You may not think you aren’t absorbing anything while sitting there scrolling through Buzzfeed, but you’ll retain something the professor says. If nothing, you’ll have some familiarity with the materials or the language. Maybe you’ll pay attention once or twice when the professor gives an overview of the day’s material.

Rewrite/type the notes!

To prevent that pre-exam panic mode, retype or rewrite all the notes into one document. If you do this weekly, then the amount of material won’t be as intimidating. You’ll be able to keep on top of your work, and this will take no more than an hour. Bonus points for you if you do this while the class is going on and utilizing that time wisely. Also, here  are some apps that can help you with notes.

Reread and highlight the notes for your class!

I prefer printing them out. Grab a few different highlighters and assign each one a role. For my history classes, I created the categories for people, events, art, and philosophies. I would read through and just look for one of the categories. It would force me to read the notes 4 times. Soon, you’ll be familiar enough with the materials.

Make a study guide!

Create a study guide that highlights the main points on your test. Think of it as a notecard for a speech. It only has a few words about each topic. Make sure to include important formulas or reference materials on the study guide. Few will understand this, but for my accounting exams, I would write out all my journal entries as a reference.

Say it out loud!

Read your notes out loud! Sing them out loud! Vocalize your notes! Hearing your notes again will help you process the material. Grab a study buddy and just talk through your notes many times. Listening to someone else will freshen your mind. Maybe your friend’s phrasing will stick out in your mind during the exam.

Do you have any study tips for classes like these? Have you used any of these tricks before?

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Liebster Award & Nominations

Hi guys!

We were tagged for the Liebster Award quite a few times in the past two weeks, so we’re combining them all for this master answering session. We feel so honored to get so much love from the blogging community, and we have really felt it the past two weeks. Other blogs have been so receptive to working with us and giving us tips. It’s just so amazing to be involved in this community. If you ever want to chat with us, tweet us or email us (I know how antiquated, but it’s a nice private way to talk) and we’d love to hear from y’all. Being new bloggers, you guys don’t really know much about us, so we hope this helps you guys get to know us a bit better!
Liebster Award

The rules of the tag are…
1. Thank and link the person who tagged you
2. Answer the nominator’s 11 questions
3. Nominate 11 small blogs who have less than 200 followers. You should believe that they deserve this award and include their link in your post.

We were tagged by the lovely Laura Kate, who is an absolutely gorgeous (like seriously gorgeous) lifestyle and fashion blogger.

1. An interesting fact about yourself?
Shaguna: I was born in India and moved when I was three and half. Since then, since then I have lived in five places. I’m currently in Hong Kong on a semester abroad.
2. Name 3 things you couldn’t live without.
S: I don’t know if this includes things like ~your family or friends~, but I’m going to assume it’s material things. I can’t live without my phone, my laptop, my watch.
3. Favourite meal?
S: I’m a big fan of Tex-Mex food, so I have to say fajitas in my favorite meal.
4. If you could treat yourself to one thing right now, what would it be?
S: I would go get a pedicure and then go to high tea with my friends.
5. How long have you been blogging?
S: We have been blogging for about one month currently. I had a different blogspot blog about 5 years ago, which is quite embarrassing and awful. Also, I have a study abroad blog, which I’ve been using on and off about 3 months.
6. Favourite item of clothing?
S: I recently bought a few simple fit-and-flare jersey dresses from h&m. They are so cute and comfortable. I look so put together, when I truly was too lazy to wear more than one item of clothing.
7. Favourite film?
S: I’m a big fan of really bad movies. My favorite movie is either Princess Diaries or Wild Child.
8. Do you have any hobbies?
S: I love playing soccer. I played on a team for 12 years, and now I play intramural soccer. I’m a big fan of Netflix too. I don’t know if it counts as a hobby, but it does the way I do.
9. What does a normal day in your life look like?
S: Right now, a normal day looks like be walking up at 8:30. I have class straight from 9 to 1:30. I generally get lunch, and then take a nap till 3. Afterwards, I’ll do homework and study till 6. After that, I usually eat dinner or just hang around with my friends. Afterwards, I generally just hang around with my friends, work out, or watch Netflix till I sleep.
10. Where would you like to be/how do you see yourself in 25 years?
S: In twenty-five years, I would like to be the CEO of my own company. I have no other details, just that. I would like to be surrounded by my friends and family.
11. What is your favourite thing about yourself?
S: I love my smile. I smile a lot and for no reason, which makes people feel really weird. I’m a generally happy person, and it takes a lot to upset me.

Another person who tagged us was Hanney, who takes the most amazing blog pictures. She loves writing about her life experiences and makeup reviews!

12. If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life what would you choose?
Kaylee: I’m really stuck on this one! It’s probably between Haim’s Days Are Gone and One Direction’s FOUR.
13. What is your favourite type of blog post to read?
S: I love reading favorites post that are comprehensive. I love when it includes everything, not only their blog niche.
14. When was the last time you did something for the first time? and what was it?
K: I spent a really long time thinking about this, and I guess I couldn’t remember. I got actually hailed on last weekend in Austin, which had never happened to me before. Had some hail in my ice cream too. 🙁
15. Would you rather be too hot or too cold?
S: I would rather be too cold. I hate being sweaty.
16. What would you love to be doing in 5 years time?
K: We’ll still be running this blog (at least we better be), and hopefully I’ll have a nice, stable job as some company’s environmental consultant or maybe saving the planet in some way with resource and conservation management.
17. If I gave you £500 to spend, what would you buy?
S: I would buy a ticket to Bali. I’m in such a travel kick, so that seems a little ridiculous, but it’s much much more expensive to fly there than anywhere else.
18. What does a day in your life look like?
K: During the school year I wake up around 8 and go to class. That’s the only stable part of my schedule. After that, it depends on the day of the week. I fill in my designated  procrastinating time now by going through gold&hearts’s social media and taking pictures sometimes. At night I sit around with my roommates and watch whatever’s being watched on Hulu or Netflix that day (Gilmore Girls, Friends, Bob’s Burgers, who knows?).
19. Is there something which you love to do, although most people dislike it?
S: I love sleeping with socks on!
20. What is a book you would recommend as a must read?
S: Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me is a must read. I relate to her on a spiritual level.
21. Describe the last photo taken on your phone?
K: It’s a picture of some photo booth strips of my friend William and me. His birthday was the other day, but they didn’t make the cut for the birthday Instagram.
22. What is something which you’re proud of yourself for?
K: I’m honestly so proud that we started this blog and have managed to find people that like it! I love that we’ve actually kept up with posting because we just like doing this so much.

The lovely Ophelia, who is aggressively cool, tagged us! If you’re looking for a lifestyle blog with super relatable articles, she’s your gal!

23. How do you spend your Friday night?
S: I have two very different Friday nights and they alternate. The first is going out to clubs with my friends because I’m legal here in Hong Kong. The other is usually watching Netflix and doing blog stuff maybe followed by a short wine night.
24. Who is one person you could not live without? Why?
K: Our best friend Carrie is the bomb diggity. She’s always there for me (and vice versa), and I literally couldn’t imagine life without her. I’ve known her since the sixth grade, so we got to experience each other’s terribly awkward stages firsthand. Sometimes she helps with the blog, too, when Shaguna’s sleeping.
25. Have you ever been heart broken?
S: I haven’t. I don’t really know what else to say here.
26. What is your main blogging goal?
S: I’d really like to have genuine followers. I don’t really care about making money or getting famous or whatever (though it would be nice). I just want the people who read our blog to actually connect with what we’re saying instead of just scrolling past.
27. What is one thing you have been putting off doing?
K: I’m giving a 20-minute presentation on a project I did for my Environmental Management class on Monday. I’m really nervous about it because I can’t stand speaking in front of people, but I’m practicing a lot this weekend.
28. If you could be a character from any book, who would you choose?
K: Violet Baudelaire from A Series of Unfortunate Events. She’s so smart and has good ideas in the blink of an eye. I loved her when I was little! Sometimes I even put up my hair when I’m doing work like she does, but mostly because I don’t like it in my face.
29. Would you time travel if you could?
S: I would go back to the 60s and talk to Holocaust survivors. I think in the 60s they would be more comfortable talking to it.
30. What is your dream car?
K: I’d love a Tesla. So electric and fancy.
31. Which five possessions would you save from a house fire?
S: I would grab my shoes, my phone, my laptop, my car keys, and my box of memories.
32. If you had one wish, what would it be?
K: I’d honestly wish for world peace. Like, the means by which it could be attained are all here, but people are too stubborn and selfish to do anything.
33. What song best describes your current mood?
K: I’m watching Bob’s Burgers as I write this and have been in my pajamas all day, so probably the show’s theme song.

The beautiful Ellie tagged us, as well! She’s got a wonderful beauty blog that makes us want to move to England for all the different stuff!

34. What made you want to start a blog?
K: We’ve had other Tumblr blogs for a long time, but we wanted something different that we could have total control over. We looked at huge blogs like A Beautiful Mess and Cupcakes and Cashmere and thought, “why not?”
35. If you could only have 2 beauty products for the rest of your life what would they be?
S: I would have the L’Oreal Super Slim Eyeliner and the Bare Escentuals Buxom Lash Mascara.
36. Would you ever want blogging to be your job or do you see it more as a hobby?
S: Currently, it’s a hobby. I’m not a person who is very creative, and this is the ideal creative outlet for me.
37. What is your favorite quote and for what reason?
K: “Keep moving forward,” like from Meet the Robinsons. It’s simple and still motivating.
38. What makes you happy?
S: French bulldogs make me happy.
39. What is your favorite fashion store?
S: I love Zara. The clothes fit me so well, and they are really good at taking inspiration from big designers. I also love Loft because I’m a lame business major.
40. Where is your favorite place to go on holiday?
K: I absolutely love Disney World! I really want to do their College Program, but I’ll have to see how well it fits with my major. I’m hoping to go out to California to see my little this summer, so maybe I’ll go to Disneyland for the first time!
41. If you could live in any city in the world where would you choose?
S: I’m currently in Hong Kong, and I love it. I would love to be back in Austin. I think if I was moving somewhere, I would would move to London or Madrid.
42. How would you describe your style?
K: When I look like a real human (not often; comfort is my utmost priority), my style can vary between street chic and, like, the late ‘80s to ‘90s as a whole. I own too many scrunchies is what I’m getting at.
43. What is your favorite film/TV Series?
S: I love Gilmore Girls, Made in Chelsea, and Bob’s Burgers. I’m currently watching Parenthood, and it’s great. Okay, I love a lot of tv shows.
44. Where is your favourite place to go out to eat?
K: There’s a place in Houston called Jus’ Mac that’s literally all different types of macaroni and cheese. Also Torchy’s Tacos because who doesn’t love tacos?

Brooke, who’s also in a sorority, tagged us also! She knows how to get by living in a dorm, which is something only a select few can do.

45. What should you be doing right now, but you’re not?
S: Wow, where do I start? I should be eating breakfast, showering, writing my marketing paper, preparing for my meeting with my TA, making my marketing presentation.
46. What internet provider do you use?
K: Here in Waco we have Grande Communications, but at home in Houston I have AT&T.
47. Why did you start a blog?
S: Kaylee and I have undertaken a lot of internet ventures together, and I think this was the natural next step. Kaylee is an amazing photographer, and it was something I think she missed in college. I’m a really practical person, so I balance out her creativity with organization and structure. We started a blog to share our thoughts and tips with the world. Also, we both read a lot of blogs, so we really wanted to be in that community.
48. Favorite trend right now?
K: This is a little bit of a shameless plug for our own post, but I’m still so in love with marble! It looks so clean and pairs really well with gold decor. I’m excited to have a new apartment next year to completely decorate!
49. Chocolate or vanilla?
S: I prefer chocolate by itself, but I’m not a fan of chocolate flavored things. I prefer vanilla ice cream, cupcakes, etc.
K: Both, actually. My favorite cupcakes are vanilla with chocolate frosting!
50. What is your favorite post you’ve written so far?
S: My favorite post I’ve written so far hasn’t actually come out yet. It actually comes out the 28th. I’m really excited about it. It was one of those posts where I started writing and everything just came out.
51. What are you summer plans?
K: I’m applying for a few environmental internships that’ll count as credit for school, so fingers crossed on that! Right after my last final (and Mother’s Day, of course), I’m going out to South Carolina to road trip back to Houston with our best friend Carrie!
52. What do you want to be when you “grow up”?
S: I want to be the CEO of a company that adds value to world. Maybe it’s a green beauty or a tech company. I have no idea, but I want to be able to break into c-suite level.
53. What is your favorite thing about your home town?
K: Houston has so much food. You can have a feeling for Cajun, Mexican, Indian, and everything in between, and it’ll be a few minutes away (unless there’s traffic).
54. All time favorite song and why?
S: My all-time favorite song is probably Champagne Supernova by Oasis.
55. Best blogging tip?
K: Don’t try to sugarcoat stuff to get readers. Just write out how you feel on a topic or how to do something as straightforward as possible because no one wants to read in circles! A blog isn’t an English paper with a page requirement, so do whatever you want!

Laura tagged us, too! She’s super stylish and knows her way around a makeup bag!

56. If you could be at a dinner party with five people (dead or alive) who would it be?
K: Oh, this is a hard one. I’d really want a conversation between the Beatles and One Direction since I love them both, so maybe John Lennon and Paul McCartney (sorry Ringo and George) and Harry Styles and Niall Horan and Zayn Malik (to see why he really left).
57. What is your favourite shop?
K: I’ve worked at Cotton On over the last two summers and over this past holiday season. They have so many basics that are reasonably priced (especially with an employee discount!), so I get most of my clothes there. Goodwill is also a great place for a shopping spree!
58. Would you rather have a night out or a movie night in?
S: I actually like both, but I would go with movie night in.
59. Heels or trainers?
S: Uh, I don’t really wear either. I usually wear loafers or boots.
60. What is your ideal holiday destination? Why?
S: My ideal holiday destination currently is Bora Bora. I’ve seen so many amazing beaches recently, but I think it would an amazing holiday.
61. What are your favourite type of blog posts?
K: I like lists and DIY projects a lot. Lists make me feel more put together because everything is right in front of you and you think, “Yeah! This totally makes sense and all of these reasons are logical!” DIY projects are a really good insight into the blogger’s creative side, and I like to read instructions (I don’t know why).
62. What is your ideal job?
S: My ideal job is a smaller company with a familial feel that’s less hierarchal.
63. Sum up your personality in three words
K: Weird, sleepy, funny?
64. Who inspires you?
S: My mom inspires me. She balances working, home, and health effortlessly.
65. What is your favourite book?
S: My favorite book is I am Malala. 
66. What is your favourite thing to do in summer?
K: Sleeping is always a good thing when you don’t get enough of it during the school year. But I like keeping myself busy by working and babysitting my sister’s kids (6, 2, and 3 months old).

Geena’s a super cute vegan and a super cool person for nominating us! We love her style!

67. Why did you call your blog, the way you called it?
K: Well, we were gonna name it hearts&crafts, but we didn’t want to commit to doing DIYs all day long because we wanted to be a lifestyle blog. Also, gold&hearts is supposed to be a punny version of golden hearts. We know we’re corny.
68. If you could be any animal, which one would you be and why?
K: I love animals, but I think my favorites are sloths and snails. Slow-moving things that mind their own business is what I’m all about.
69. What was the craziest thing you have ever done?
K: My roommate pierced my cartilage in our kitchen, if that counts. It’s a little crooked, but I still look cool.
70. Do you have any hidden talents?
K: I can actually touch my real tongue to my real elbow.
71. What would you do, If you were the other gender for one day?
K: I’d see how much I could advance in society and how differently I was treated for 24 hours and then write a big rant about it.
72. What do you like most about yourself?
K: Probably my eyebrows. I’m so glad that strong eyebrows are a thing now because that’s what I’ve got and always had.
73. What is your biggest pet peeve?
K: People who eat gross, like smacking and stuff. It makes me so frustrated. Close your mouth!!!!!!
74. What is/was your most hated subject at school and why?
K: In high school I really couldn’t stand _____. Now it’s calculus. It’s just so hard for me to understand the concepts. Glad I don’t have to take it ever again.
75. If you had to change your name for some reason, how would you name yourself?
K: Something weird like Lavender. I don’t know. My name fits me find, I think.
76. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, which one would it be?
K: Probably PB&Js. Or avocado and spinach grilled cheeses.
77. Something more serious at the end: If you had to choose when you were going to die, which age would you choose and why?
K: Around 70 to 80, I guess. By then I would’ve established a family and all that without having to see my friends die (hopefully).

Wow, that was a whole lot of questions, but we (and you, too) made it through! We hope y’all liked getting to know us better. Now here are our nominations:

Our questions are:
1. What’s your 90-day blogging goal?
2. How do you prepare your cereal? Milk or cereal first?
3. What’s your favorite part about blogging?
4. Who was your last text message from, and what did it say?
5. If you had one life lesson to share with someone, what would you tell them?
6. Which one of your personality traits would make someone call you their role model?
7. What color is your favorite to wear?
8. What was the last thing that made you laugh?
9. What was your most awkward moment in middle school?
10. Tell us about your best friend and what makes them amazing.
11. What’s your favorite kind of cookie?

We look forward to hearing from all of y’all because you deserve this award and we love learning about new people!

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Happy Earth Day, everyone! Be sure to water your plants and turn off your lights today!

The next holiday, though, is one we’re prepared and excited for: Mother’s Day! We love our moms and all they do for us, like making us breakfast, buying us (mostly) cute clothes, and providing all our crafty necessities. We scoured for gifts at the only place (other than Facebook) where moms like to hang out online–Etsy. All these gifts are under $30, which we think is an ideal “I’m a broke college kid and used your own money to buy this thing for you” budget.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Clockwise, from left:

  1. iPhone docking station
  2. Small ceramic faceted planter
  3. “Just roll with it” art print
  4. Gold bar initial necklace
  5. Concrete succulent planters
  6. Personalized iPad stand
  7. Birch candle holders
  8. “You are one wonderful mother” art print
  9. Mason jar candle
  10. Clear pressed flower phone case

Tell your moms you love them extra!

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Finals | How to Study

Finals | How to Study
So you’ve already made your study schedule, but now you need to do the actual studying part (I know, it’s rough). We have a few tips on how to really get your studying done while everyone else sits in the library on Twitter. Keep in mind that everyone learns differently, so whatever works for you and your brain may not be listed here.

Make sure you take all your study materials!

I cannot stress this enough. Bring everything you think you just might need if you plan on staying in the library for a few hours (or all day). It’s better to have more than enough to study than just sitting there rereading the Bill of Rights for hours on end. Dedicate time to different subjects, like calculus or Brit lit, so your exercise different parts of your brain.

Try printing your notes out.

I do this for almost all my classes. I print out my notes or make a copy of them if they’re handwritten and highlight the important terms or concepts on each page. Write out a small summary of each section, page, court case, poem, whatever chunk of information is right for you.

Go to office hours!

This is another big one. Office hours are the easiest way to get yourself to study. You’re going right to the source of information (your prof) for exactly what you need (help). If you plan on attending the hours on a certain day, take the two or three days beforehand to come up with questions to ask you professor. They don’t get a lot of people in, so don’t get nervous about seeing them because they’re excited that you came.

Take breaks!!!

It’s so easy to tire yourself out when you sit at the same library carrel for four hours. Our playlist is actually designed for you to take a break at the end, so take time for yourself to walk around the stacks, the dorm’s hallway, or even around your apartment’s kitchen table. I usually study on the third floor of our library, so I like going downstairs to get a(nother) caramel macchiato or a protein bistro box at Starbucks if I’m hungry.

Use an app like Self Control.

Self Control is an app for Mac that makes you more productive. You add websites (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube, etc.) to your block list and start a timer for however long you need to be working for. Self Control will prevent you from going to these websites until the timer runs out. Set your time for about 50 minutes to an hour remind yourself to take a break.

Rewrite your notes!

Taking notes in your own words always makes it infinitely easier to remember the content. If you turn the concepts into something you can actually understand, you can start making acronyms or other little reminders to go over in your head during test time. You can even record yourself reading over your old notes and listen to them while taking new notes to go over the concepts again.

Know what to you have to do.

This is where the beautiful syllabus comes in. Have a look at all your syllabi and write out what percentage of your grade each of your finals is. Input your current grade (or your assignments/quizzes if you don’t know your current grade) into a website like this to see what you need to get on your final to get the grade you want for that course.


Sort every piece of paper you’ve ever gotten in a class into piles according to relevant material and irrelevant material. Use to-do lists to split your class into sections by chapter, time period, or previous exam content so you can proudly mark off what topics you’ve studied as you go. If you’d rather scratch through a handwritten list on paper, that’s cool with us, too.
We hope y’all’s tests and final exams go smoothly! Don’t forget to sleep!
What do you do that helps you most with studying? Have you tried any of these?

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Wishlist | Formal Dresses Under $100

Formal (and prom) season is here at last! You’re excited to get all gussied up to dance the night away with your best friends, sorority sisters, or cute boys (or maybe all three). We scoured the internet to find some of our favorite formal dresses that fit a tight budget. In fact, all of these are under $100! You should also look at the websites these come from, too, to find your dream dress. Happy shopping!

Wishlist | Formal Dresses Under $100

  1. Navy Deep V Dress from ASOS
  2. White Deep V Dress from ASOS
  3. Maroon Off-the-Shoulder Dress from ASOS
  4. Criss Cross and Mesh Dress from ASOS
  5. Coral Cut Out Dress from ASOS
  6. Black Sparkle Dress from PromGirl

Although I’ve already had my sorority’s formal this semester (picture below of me and my little diamond sister), I wanted to share these dresses with you so you won’t have to break the bank to find a gorgeous look for yours! Don’t forget to make Pinterest your best friend for hair and makeup ideas.


If you’ve already decided on an outfit or already had your formal, tell us about it! What other college events do y’all want us to cover in future posts?

Be beautiful, stay safe, and have tons of fun!

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Finals | Introduction and Printable Study Schedule

Finals are upon us!!! Okay, now stop panicking and take a deep breath (we needed it, too). In less than a month, the marathon cramming session begins before summer break. Long nights with a steady stream of venti coffees and large “personal” pizzas have arrived. The last stretch before break makes the first few days of summer the ultimate bliss. That first night with your friends after your last final is the goal, and we’re preparing to power through the last few weeks of college. We want to make it easier for you! This whole month, we’ll be sharing a variety of tips and tricks to help you tackle your finals. For freshmen especially, this may be the first time you’re taking finals in major-specific courses (they’re not as scary as you think)! About every other post this month will be devoted to helping you prepare to ace your finals and handle the stress that comes along with them.
Finals | Introduction and Study Schedule
Now, on to our first way to prepare for finals. When it comes to actual studying time, we tend to spend too much time preparing to study instead of doing it because it makes you feel productive. All your exams at once can be nerve wracking, especially if you have multiple exams the same day. We’ve created study schedule printable to help you organize yourself from now to finals. Also, don’t worry; we’ve included those pesky last week of class tests and projects that you seem to have no time for.
Step One: 
Look at your syllabuses and write down all your exams that you have during finals week or  up to two weeks before. Your syllabus is your best friend! It’ll tell you all the information regarding exams or finals! Make sure you know whether they’re cumulative or not! People tend to have exams on the week before finals and then still have a final the next week. Add these dates to your printable’s calendar.
Finals | Study Schedule
Step Two: 
Next, look through at the information that is covered in all your exams. Try to organize it into sections. The best way for a final is to divide the material into different exams. If you only had one exam in the class, then this isn’t too useful. We recommend dividing all the information into 3-5 sections. Write these out on the bottom half of the printable! Assign each subject a color if you can.
Step Three: 
Give yourself 1-2 days to study each section that you’ve created. I’m not saying devote the whole day to one subject, but at least give yourself 2-3 hours a topic. Also, make sure to put in time to do practice tests or go over old exams. It depends on your familiarity and comfort with the topic. We recommend doing one topic after breakfast, two after lunch, and two after dinner. Obviously that doesn’t work during actual school days so adjust that part according to your day. Take a look at our sample above and try to plan your study schedule in relation to what you have in the weeks before finals start.
  • Start studying early, but don’t start too early. You might get anxious on test day if you have nothing substantial to do. I recommend leaving a practice exam or practice problems for the day of the exam.
  • Schedule in meals, so you don’t forget to eat!
  • Same with sleep!
  • Shaguna recommends putting in a small reminder regarding office hours for professors and TAs too!

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Top 4 To-Do List Apps

Most students face an endless amount of social and academic commitments and deadlines. It’s really easy to lose track of everything that’s going down if you don’t write it down. No one wants to be double booked for lunch the day before a big exam, or worse, no one wants to be the consistently flaky friend. Sometimes, a scrap sheet of paper gets lost in the abyss that is a purse. Before destroying the environment with quickly scribbled messages on paper, we suggest you try these apps to-do list apps to help you keep track of your life.
The Best To-Do List Apps For College Students | gold&hearts
iOS Reminders
Top 4 To-Do List Apps | Reminders
The iOS and Mac operating systems have a great Reminders app built in. I used it regularly as an emergency packing list for the night before trips. It provides little organization for multiple unrelated task but works well for specific tasks like grocery lists or packing lists. We love that you can set due dates, reminders, and notes. The best feature is that you can set a priority to your reminders! This helps you recognize your priorities and assign them accordingly. Successful prioritization will guarantee success in a balanced college life.
Top 4 To-Do List Apps | HabitRPG
We both used HabitRPG religiously about a year ago. It uses the concept of gamification to get you to accomplish your goals. Gamification is basically turning any basic activity into a game with levels, like airlines create a game with different “levels” with miles. It makes you want to “level up” and have the highest level similar to HabitRPG. Your to-do’s can be dailys or just general to-do items. HabitRPG has an incentive system that promotes completing your goals along with helps you create new habits. It’s great as a fun alternative to a to-do list. However, if you’re like me and super competitive, you might be tempted to cheat to win the “game.”
Top 4 To-Do List Apps | Todoist
The best part about Todoist is the point system (called Karma). Every time you do a task you earn Karma, and every time you miss a task’s due date you lose Karma. You can move up in rankings to get a free trial of their premium features, but once the trial is up, you do have to pay for them. Some of the other features Todoist has to offer are color-coded categorization and customized tags for each task. The Inbox lets you jot down whatever tasks you need to do before sorting and tagging them when you have the time. You can also set daily and weekly goals of how many items you want to check off for a certain amount of time. As long as you turn on vacation mode if you’re taking a long break, this app’s great for monitoring how much you’ve done.
Top 4 To-Do List Apps | Wunderlist
Wunderlist is our favorite to-do list app. You can organize your lists into folders and even assign them to different people. You can’t even imagine how many lists we have for this blog. (Hint: it’s currently nineteen!) We keep everything from blog goals to post ideas to movies to watch! You can add subtasks, which comes in handy when the to-do item is a post, due dates, general notes, and reminders. It makes co-running a blog so much easier. I always receive questions on it when my friends see me using it. People love its functionality and simplicity. Also, it’s available on all phones and computers!

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Playlist | April 2015

April Finals Studying Playlist

This month’s playlist is focused on making you focused (unless you don’t need to). The first tracks we chose for April are calming and soft along the lines of Ed Sheeran and Birdy, but we had them gradually build up (not much though!) to stronger songs that make you feel like you’re really getting sh*t done. The 52 minutes is on purpose, too. For us, at least, we start to lose focus after nearly an hour and need to take a break. We hope y’all enjoy this playlist even if you’re not studying, too, because it’s a bunch of music that we love.

Typically when we study we just listen to the same artist (or even song) on repeat, but with this variety in music, we feel less monotone without being scatterbrained. We made this playlist considering every calming song we’ve ever heard and managed to narrow it down to thirteen. Ideally, you’d listen to what we’ve put together all the time, so if you don’t have or aren’t a fan of Spotify, we put it on 8tracks, too.

Happy studying!

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DIY | Easter Eggs!

DIY Easter Eggs
Happy April Fool’s Day, y’all, but don’t worry! This post isn’t a joke because we have some seriously wonderful Easter eggs that I made with my roommates this weekend! We pulled out all the stop, using confetti, flash tattoos, rubber bands, and paper towels (all common household things here) to make whatever we could. There were some failed attempts that come with every egg dyeing experience, but overall I think we did a great job!
DIY Easter Eggs
There’s no real way to instruct someone how to dye eggs other than telling them to follow the instructions on the box, but we will show you how to change it up a bit to get instantly better-looking eggs than the rest of your friends’.
– hard-boiled eggs
egg dyeing kit ($2 at HEB)
– paper towels
– plastic spoons
– flash tattoos
– confetti ($1 at HEB)
– rubber bands
– Mod Podge
– paint or sponge brush
– anything else you’d want to decorate with!
Tie Dye Eggs
These eggs are not time-consuming to make, but you do have to have a hand free to hold your egg while the dye sets.
DIY Easter Eggs Tie Dye
Simply wrap a paper towel around your egg, and start dripping small amounts of dye onto the paper towel, ensuring that the dye is actually touching the egg underneath. The colors will bleed and spread, so be careful! Hang on to your egg with the top of the paper towel for about five minutes before revealing your tie dye masterpiece!
Confetti Eggs (or Inside-out Cascarones)
Confetti is hard to deal with sometimes. Mod Podge is also hard to deal with sometimes. Put them together and you’ve probably got a mess. But put them together neatly onto an Easter egg and the mess is well worth it!
DIY Easter Eggs Confetti
Split your egg up into invisible quadrants so the Mod Podge wouldn’t be dry by the time you start placing confetti. Paint on some Mod Podge in your quadrant. I started out just gently rolling the egg in the paper confetti, but a lot of the material had multiple layers and wouldn’t stick. Instead, lay out a single layer of confetti on a sheet of paper and roll your egg, or you can be super picky and individually place each piece of confetti like I did. The latter doesn’t take as long as you think; I promise!
Flash Tattoo Eggs
Making eggs beautiful has never been easier! You can dye your eggs (and let them totally dry) before you apply tattoos, or you can just go for it. We did a few of both and they all turned out well!
DIY Easter Eggs Flash Tattoo Egg
Cut out the tattoo and apply it according to its instructions. The only hard part is to be extra careful in making sure that the tattoo doesn’t slide around before it’s completely stuck down.
There you have it! We had so much fun making these Easter eggs, and I hope y’all do, too! If you try any of these post pictures and let us know what you think!
What are you doing for Easter? What’s your favorite part about Easter?

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