Playlist | June 2015

Playlist | June 2015

Happy summer, everyone! This month’s playlist was crafted on white sand in front of the beautiful blue-green water of Santa Rosa Beach, Florida last week while I was sunburning myself. It’s a lot of summery songs to get y’all excited about the warm (or excruciatingly hot) months ahead. The 35-minute playlist is just enough time for you to tan one side before flipping over and repeating the songs. Get out your bathing suit and sun hat and go outside!

What are your summer jams? Did we miss anything in this list?


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Father’s Day Gift Guide

Have you seriously slacked on finding your dad a present this year? Dads are pretty easy to buy for because they appreciate just about everything, but sometimes it can be hard to find something that he’ll truly love. To make life easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of gifts to wow pretty much every ol’ man out there. Check out our list of thoughtful presents; they’re really dad-approved (I had my dad OK each one). As an added bonus, because they all qualify for Amazon Prime’s 2-day shipping, they will be at your doorstep in time for Sunday! Happy shopping!

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Starting at the top left going clockwise

14-in-1 Hammer Tool
5 Port USB Charger
Wood iPhone Case
MEAT: Everything You Need to Know
Michael Symon’s Carnivore
Timberland Travel Kit
Beer Chiller


*Some links on this page are affiliate links*

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How to Find Cheap Flight Tickets

How to Find Cheap Flights GoldandHearts Gold&hearts gold and hearts
Sky Scanner is my savior when it comes to finding cheap flights.  I just spent a semester studying abroad and I like to consider myself a professional when it comes to scouring the Internet for cheap flights. I basically spent every marketing class (oops) with my friends looking at flights and hostels. Also, this isn’t a sponsored post;I’m actually in love with this website.

Sky Scanner has four key features that makes it the best way to find cheap flights.
  1. Sky Scanner compiles flight prices from both flight search engines, like Expedia and Kayak, along with actual airlines. Sometimes I’ve found the same flight for a higher price on the airlines website than going through Sky Scanner. Also, it has no booking fees!How to Find Cheap Flight Tickets Different Agencies Gold&hearts goldandhearts
  2. You can look at flights from a map. Let’s say you want to go somewhere with your friends for spring break but just want to find a cheap beach destination. You can easily look at all the airports close to the beach along the Gulf Coast without having to google airport and city names, and airport codes.How to Find Cheap Flight Tickets Map GoldandHearts gold&hearts
  3. You can look at prices for a whole month to find the cheapest prices. If you have flexibility in your travel plans, you can look for a whole month for the cheapest flights to your destination and back. It made planning my trip to Japan so much easier and cheaper.How to Find Cheap Flight Tickets Month Calendar GoldandHearts Gold&Hearts
  4. They have price alerts! I don’t have to check flight prices every 30 seconds to ensure that I’m getting the lowest price. It sends you email daily about flights. I waited to long to book my flight to Tokyo. I looked on Tuesday and the price was  $176. I set a price alert and the price dropped to $110. I immediately picked it up!How to Find Cheap Flight Tickets Price Alert Gold&Hearts GoldandHearts

If you’re planning a trip for the summer or anytime, make sure that Skyscanner is your go to place for booking flights! I’ve saved so much money and time by doing so.

Do you have any trips planned this summer? If you’re not going anywhere, where would you love to go? What is your dream vacation?

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How To | Have a Memorable Summer for College Students

Summer is upon us and we are so excited to be done with another semester and our second year of college! If you don’t have an internship, don’t worry about wasting away your summer binge-watching everything on Netflix. If this is the end of your first year of college, summer back home is really fun for about 3 weeks. After that, you miss your freedom and your college friends. To prevent that summer time sadness, we have compiled a list of things that’ll help you have an amazing summer.

  1. Make a summer to-do list. Maybe you want to learn the guitar or get super fit. Make a list of a bunch of things you want to do. Don’t forget to include fun summer beach trips or road trips too. My not-so exciting list last summer included repainting cabinets and cleaning out my dresser. Here’s a list of apps to create awesome to-do lists.
  2. On a daily basis, have at least one major goal you want to accomplish. By major goal, I mean that making your bed doesn’t count but cleaning your car does. It makes sure that you get out of bed and you might even put real pants on. Still, you get time to binge watch the Game of Thrones, so you’re all caught up.
  3. If you live close enough to your college, make a trip back for a weekend! Coordinate with your friends, and It’ll be a great way to catch up with friends. It’ll be a relatively cheap vacation because someone will always have a couch you can crash on. Make sure you pay for a meal or drink to compensate for their hospitality.
  4. Volunteer locally! It’s a great resume booster and you are helping your community. It’s a small time commitment, and it’ll truly make your summer mean something greater than being a big slob.
  5. Take a summer course, get ahead in school and take some classes at a local community college and save time and money on your degree. Most colleges have 3 summer sections. If. If you take one or two each summer, you can cut off one to two semesters off of your college career. For some people, that’s almost $40,000 to $60,000 less in direct cash or college loans.
These are our tips for you have to have a fun and productive summer! We hope y’all have a great break and keep us updating on your adventures via Twitter.
What are you going to do this summer? What’s on your summer to-do list?

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