Happy First Day of Classes

happy first day of classes!

I start my first day of my junior year of college today. Kaylee did on Monday. Some people don’t start till next week. Back to school is a chaotic time that won’t probably settle down for a week or two. I hope you can take some time off for yourself and center yourself. To achieve this inner peace, I’ve compiled a list of my hopes for your semester to mediate over.

  • May your classes be heavily curved and your test average above average.
  • May your professors avoid scheduling exams for days you already have exams.
  • May you wash your hair on a regular basis and not go for the greasy Harry Styles bun.
  • May you wear real pants at least one day a week.
  • May you sit next to the cute person in your class and talk to them.
  • May your group project members actually do something.
  • May you have friends in every single class.
  • May you wear a real bra at least once a week.
  • May you not suffer the dreaded back sweat of summer days.
  • May your Chaco tan be glorious and ridiculously embarrassing at the same time.
  • May your business heels not give you any blisters.
  • May your $50 planner actually be used all year long.
  • May your date to formal not suck.
  • May your textbooks not be the newest edition that came out THIS year.
  • May your professors hold office hours not during your classes.

What would you add to our list of meditations?

HAGS (have a great semester)!

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Day of the Birth of a Kaylee Ann Conner

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Hi y’all! It’s Kaylee’s birthday today! I wanted to put up her Facebook profile pictures from 2009 to 2012, but she might murder me. She’s turning twenty(!!), so I wanted to share some memorable pictures of Kaylee.

Fun fact #1 – Kaylee is super good at taking pictures!!!! (This was at our senior fashion show)

430695_422765061109976_1606768890_nFun Fact #2- No, I mean like REALLY photogenic.


Fun Fact # 3- Kaylee loves dresses up for themed things. (Note: the wall of hot guys in the background, which every girl who went to an all girls school understands)217128_3657966170675_243477116_n

Fun Fact #4- One day, we shaved Kaylee’s legs back in high school. 404670_2924291152288_2006482207_n

Not as much of a fun fact, but here’s my favorite picture of Kaylee and my friend Carrie from Sophomore Cotillion!


Please spread some birthday love in the comments down below!

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