Book Review I How to Side Hustle in College (Make up to $6600 a Month!)

Long time no see! Well, we are back today with something we haven’t really done yet, but I’m hoping to do more. I decided two weeks ago to get my life in order (because maybe if I pretend like I’m an adult, I’ll get better at it). I’ve decided to read more when Courtney from As We Stumble Along gave me an opportunity to preview her e-book,  How to Side Hustle in College (Make up to $6600 a Month!) and talk to y’all about it! The book released Thursday y’all have till Monday, November 9th,  at midnight to get it for only a dollar! Trust me, it’s worth giving up that dollar margarita for an amazing read. For the price of a dollar marg, you can have infinitely more dollar margs #confirmed.
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Side Hustling

Regardless of whether you cover your own expenses or are lucky enough to have your parents support you, you’re still always considered a broke college student, so it’s always great to have some extra cash. You can buy that dress you’ve been drooling over or a new pair of shoes. Part-time jobs are the usual way that most college students tend to get by. I have roommates and friends that work 1-2 part-time jobs to cover their living expenses. Part-time jobs are great and all, but I’d prefer to make some cash while sitting in my jammies. Courtney covers all your super important jobs that you can do in (or outside of) your bed. Personally, I’ve started two of things that really jumped out at me from the list and will actually be starting those side hustles in two days!

 Anywhere and Everywhere

The best part is literally any one with any amount of free time or skill level can do a variety of these tasks. You don’t have to be super talented or resourceful to be able to carry out any of these tasks. Also, it doesn’t matter if you’re in a small college town, like Gambier, Ohio (Go Lords and Ladies), or a city, like Austin (Thanks & Hook ‘Em). Courtney compiled a list of things that work for your wherever you are. The best thing is, that this isn’t limited to college students. So many young adults looking to make some extra money on the weekends.

Resume Building

Most of these jobs are actual jobs that you can put on your resume. It’s a great way to build your resume and get some dope transferable skills. Because you are your own boss, you will have numerical results that will really bump up your resume. You can show employers that you are actually capable of managing time, organization, and self motivation.

 Great Value for Money 

So, go buy How to Side Hustle in College (Make up to $6600 a Month!) and start rolling around in that extra $$$. It’s an e-book, so you can have it instantly and start making money now. This $10 value is as little as $1 till Monday November 9th.  She also has printables of expensive trackers/budgets that will actually help you keep your finances in order.
*Courtney provided this e-books free of charge, and I’m not being paid to write this post*
Do y’all have any side hustles, besides blogging, that you do? Tell us all about them in the comments. If you buy her book, tell me about you favorites!
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