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Kaylee and I can’t believe we are over half way through our college careers. As a business school student, we get told to network from the second we set foot on campus. Networking is one of those things people always talk about but don’t really break it down. We wanted to demystify some of that for y’all.

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What is networking?

Networking isn’t always being forced to make awkward small talk with stuffy old recruiters. Networking can be going out to dinner with your friends or someone new. That random guy your friend brings a lot to dinner might the person interviewing you in a few years. You never know! Networking is actually a part of everything you do. Going to class, meeting a guy at a bar, and helping someone at the grocery store is all grocery.

Who is in your network?

Everyone is in your network. Every person you could of possibly think of is in your network. I mean this genuinely. Think of your core group. Think of your immediate family and what they do. Then, expand this group to your larger extended family and what they do. Then, think of your friends and their parents. If you can on zooming back, without doing any “networking” you already have a network. Over your college career, you’ll meet professors, peers, speakers, and professionals that will all be a part of your network.

Why is your network important?

Over your lifetime, you’re going to meet many amazing people. People genuinely want to help other people that they like. Creating your network is basically building a foundation for your dreams. It’s much easier and faster to walk with a tailwind instead of a headwind. Your network will help you now and in the future, so choose the people you surround yourself by well!

How do you grow your network?

Go out and meet people! Yes that’s really it. Take advantage of networking opportunities and career fairs held at your college or university. Even as a freshman, go and meet people, and maybe your junior year, you can take advantage of those connections to find an internship or job! You shouldn’t be scared. Take a friend and go meet recruiters. Honestly, they just want to get to know you so let your personality shine.

What are your top networking tips? Where has networking gotten you in the world?
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January Favorites and February Goals


Hey guys! I know we’re a little late, but wow, January is over. We are 1/12th of the way through 2016. This month has been an absolute nightmare health wise, but I’m recovering! The month of January has been crazy! I’ve been recruiting for a public accounting internship. It’s been a great (but stressful) time getting to meet some amazing people from some amazing firms. Being an accounting student, this is the climax of your college career, so I’m super excited.


We haven’t really delved into beauty products on this blog, but Kaylee and I are huge fans.

Colab Sheer + Invisible Dry Shampoo in London

I picked this up when I was in London in December and it honestly is the best dry shampoo I’ve used. Having dark black hair, the last thing I want is that weird whitish grayish residue in my hair. This amazing product leaves no residue at all and has a great smell. I picked this one (and five more) up for at 2.5 pounds or about $3.50. It helps me prolong the time between hair washes and has helped me train my hair to be less oily. Next time, I want to try out the volumizing version!

Sleek Make Up Face Form in Medium

This is has become my end all be all for palettes. I use this for an eyeshadow palette as well. When traveling, I easily can grab this, liner, mascara, foundation, and a powder, and I’m good for whatever I have to face.

e.l.f. Studio High Definition Powder in Translucent

 I bought this because I accidentally left my makeup bag at home for two weeks and had to make do. I picked up some missing products including this powder. As a person with super oily skin, it makes my skin look velvet-y and gorgeous.

Real Techniques Buffing Brush

I fell in love with my (very dirty) Real Techniques buffing brush again! My mom had (sneakily) taken it from me because she loves it as well. It has the correct density and movement. I had bought a replacement brush, but it was too dense and caked on my foundation.

January Recap

Here are my January goals:
  1. Post 5 times this month
  2. Tweet daily
  3. Pin all posts
  4. Engage in Facebook groups
What I accomplished
  1. We wrote two posts, and this will be the second post in February! It can only go up!
  2. I use Revive Old Post to post at least one post from the archives on a daily basis!
  3. I’ve pinned all (two) posts we put up this months!
  4. I’ve posted on Facebook groups and hosted a twitter chat with Blogging College!
February Goals
  1. One post every 5 days
  2. Instagram at least once a week
  3. Pin all posts (continuing this because I want to use it more often)
  4. Make friends with people on Twitter
  5. Spend at least two hours a week reading blogs

What were your January favorites? What are your goals for February?

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College | Use Your Syllabus to Get a 4.0

The semester has started! Unfortunately, I already feel extremely far behind in all my classes. Recruiting for a public accounting internship combined with a hard semester and recruitment for my business fraternity, my schedule is packed and planned down to the second. It’s really easy to let the small assignments and tasks slip through the cracks. This is what I use (and have used in the past semesters) to stay on top of everything and do well in my classes!
How to use your syllabus to get a 4.0! | gold&hearts
People tend to not believe this, but if you actually read your syllabus thoroughly, your professor will tell you exactly what to do to get an A in the class. Obviously, this isn’t some magical key ? to success or shortcut. It entails hard work and organization. This will give you everything you need (besides actually doing all your work for you) to do the best you can in your classes. Honestly, all of these are pretty obvious. I’m not reinventing the wheel here, but sometimes hearing these things over and over again will help it stick.

Keep it visible.

Keep your syllabus in plain sight at all times. You should see them everyday! I recommend putting them in above your desk or in your planner for easy access. A great way to do this is to save it on your phone. Open up your syllabus on your phone and save it to the iBooks app! You never use the app, you can’t delete it, so you might as well use it!

Put all your dates in your calendar.

This seems super self-explanatory, but I put all my assignments, tests, and events into my calendar. I use a method similar to Kayla’s. Each one of my classes has a separate calendar. If you aren’t about Google Calendar, I highly recommend this planner if you have changing (work or meeting) schedules or this one if you’re a big to do list person like I am!
Google Calendar 2 goldandhearts how to get a 4.0For each class, I have relevant readings for the day and every deliverable (thing you have to turn in or do before class for a grade) and test also gets its own event. Also, put in all office hours with the location and email of the professor and/or TA. This is super useful as a quick reference tool as well. From that, I make two master calendars: one with my assignments and one with a general overview.

google calendar 2

I combine all my classes, meetings, and tests into the overview calendar which is really good to share with your parents/friends/roommates. If you’re on your phone, laptop, or iPad, you can easily access your calendar and all of your assignments. If you’re out and about, then you can easily have your work available.

Listen to your professor!

When your professors tell you that you can’t study the night before, you should listen to them; it’s an instruction, not a challenge! If you work week by week, you’ll feel less stressed and make sure you truly understand the basics before getting into the hard material. Depending on how difficult the concepts are, start studying a week or two in advance. That way, by the time test week comes around, you’re just reviewing what you already know and can spend more time on the tough stuff. Ask questions if you’re not sure of what’s covered on the test because someone else is more than likely thinking the same thing.

Did we miss anything? How do you use your syllabus? What are you tips to do well this semester?

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