Beauty | Pamper Yourself with Groupon

Disclosure: This post is sponsored, but I’ve literally been using Groupon for 4 years now. 

A few days ago we talked about building your business wardrobe in college without breaking the bank with Groupon Coupons. This week, we are back with Groupon to learn how to #treatyoself and not go broke af. Last week I talked about using Groupon for yoga and movie deals. It baffles me how mcuh cheaper things are on Groupon. It’s also an amazing place to get Christmas presents for your friends and family. Last Christmas, I bought one friend tickets for the Globetrotters and my boyfriend a gin distillery tour.

Pamper Yourself with Groupon | #treatyoself on a college budget with Groupon Coupons

A not-so-secret tip is to use Groupon for the Health, Beauty, and Wellness section. I’ve used Groupons for a haircut and keratin treatment (for only $25), shellac manicure (for only $10), and my laser hair removal (for $180). I’m not a very treat yourself kinda person. I rarely splurge on makeup and skincare and usually ask my lovely friends and family to buy me the fancier things I use. Groupon lets me splurge on my college budget without worrying about reducing my bank balance to zero or going into credit card debt. My favorite part about Groupon, which will reveal how lazy I really am, is that you can search based on distance from your location.

Recently I’ve been loving finding Groupons for hair salons. I’ve literally never used a shampoo over like $6-7 dollars a bottle. However, I’ve started getting hair cut 3-4 times a year instead of 1-2, which I know isn’t good for it. Short hair is trendy right now and I didn’t realize the maintenance it requires until I cut my hair short.  After cutting it short, my waves turned into full on curls, and the frizz monster attacked in full force. Now, I get my hair cut more frequently to maintain the style and shape (to prevent the hate triangle). Because I used to get my hair cut so rarely, I don’t really have allegiance to a salon. Groupon lets me see reviews for new salons, so I can get my hair cut and deep conditioned regularly.
Have y’all ever used Groupon? What’s your favorite Groupon you’ve ever bought? 
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Affordable Business Casual with Groupon Coupons

This is a sponsored post. 

I’ve heard of Groupon Coupons through the blogger grapevine, but this week I actually checked it out. I’ve been using Groupon for yoga and movie deals for years now. GrouponCoupons actually gives you really awesome coupons to a variety of places. If you have an online shopping problem like us, this literally saves you so much money. From hotels to clothes, they’ve got you covered.

Business Casual Basics with Groupon Coupons-Spon

Today, we wanted to show you how to save some money with business casual wardrobe basics featuring J.Crew Factory, Sephora, and Express. I highly recommend tailoring this to your work environment. Also, being a college blog, we are always super budget conscious. I personally consider business clothes more of an investment because they do last and tend to be versatile. Make the clothes you buy for career fair or an interview last way past just joining the work force. If you need help networking, we got you covered.

Conservative Workplace

For your more conservative business place, we recommend J.Crew Factory. Business casual in a more conservative workplace is basically a suit without the blazer. You can play it up with textures and colors but generally keep things clean and muted.  They have the simple pieces that you can build on to create an amazing work wardrobe. The first outfit is a really simple short sleeve top with tapered trousers and cute loafers. You can easily dress it up or down with accessories and heels to take you from day to night!

Trendy Dress Code 

For a more trendy workplace, we recommend Express. They have those high quality trendy pieces that you can wear day or night. Once again, this is depends on your workplace dress code so take all of this with a grain of salt. We really wanted to find some edgy basics that are a modern twist on classic pieces to be trendy but versatile. like a blazer, shift dress, and button downs.

Best Face Forward

Bite MultiStick in Marscapone and Papaya are simple nude colors that can will keep your work appropriate and can double as a lip and cheek color. The Benefit Roller Lash will keep your eyelashes looking full and fluttery. This Clinique CC Cream will keep your skin fresh and dewy all day long! Honestly, wear whatever makeup makes you feel beautiful and comfortable all day. If you commute or want your makeup to stay all day, check out our no-budge makeup look.

Where do you shop for work clothes? Is your business casually more conservative or cute?
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Beauty | Sweat-Proof Game Day Makeup

Y’all, I pulled some next level magic this game day. My makeup did not budge the entire day even though it was 80% humidity and 90 degrees outside. I have really really oily skin, so this was an actual miracle that it lasted 9 hours through the game and tailgating. Because I turned into some makeup sorceress, I wanted to share with you my secrets to help your makeup stay in place.

Sweat-Proof Game Day Makeup | Make your makeup last all tailgating and game day!


I’m going to start off the primer. The Sephora Acne-Fighting Mattifying Moisturizer is super old, but it is the most effective mattifying primer. I put on two primers because I’m both paranoid and excessive. I used the Loreal Infallible Mattifying Base on my T-Zone and nose (the sweatiest areas). I followed that with the Too Faced Hangover Rx Primer.

Sweat-Proof Game Day Makeup | Make your makeup last all tailgating and game day!


Again, this might seem excessive, but I used three foundations. I used the L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation under my eyes, on my nose, and on my forehead. This isn’t exactly a highlight/contour situation, but you highlight where you naturally glisten usually. I used the Maybelline Matte + Poreless Foundation in the places not mentioned above. After applying all that, I used the Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin Foundation. 


When I get ready for a game, it’s definitely a marathon not a sprint. I wait to let all my products settle into my skin before I apply the next layer. I also blot my skin between layers of primers and foundation to make sure that it stays matte at all times. I like to finish my makeup some time before I have to leave to make sure that my skin has time to absorb everything and I can powder again. I was worried about looking cakey,but honestly, I sweat the cakey-ness off the second I stepped outside. To blend everything together and to prevent my face from getting cake, I very aggressively use my Real Techniques Blending Sponge. Sometimes, I use it damp with no product on just to get a flawless finish from my powder.

I received the Maybelline Better Skin Foundation for free and all opinions are my own.

What are your tips to keep your makeup from budging?

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College | Using Google Calendar to Get a 4.0

In full honesty, I have been really disorganized in the first few days just getting back into a routine and seeing all my friends again. So, I took this weekend to really reflect on everything I have to do and wanted to share with y’all how I get organized. I use both a planner and Google Calendar to stay organized. Not only am I a crazy person, I also want to always be able to access my schedule and assignments. This post follow  my post about using your syllabus to succeed this semester.

Collegiate Guide to Google Calendar | Use Google Calendar to get that 4.0.

Also, I wanted to address blog organization really quickly. I use my blog email’s Google Calendar to create an editorial calendar. It’s not feature in this post bc I haven’t been using it (oops). I compile all my calendars on iCal, so they seamlessly sync on my phone and laptop.

Get all your syllabi in one place.

You’re basically transferring the course outline from your syllabus into your calendar. Have them easily accessible. Some professors decided to be unique and have weird hard to understand syllabi. This process makes you aware of all your deadlines and cut through all the filler nonsense.

Create a new calendar for the semester and add all your classes

I get rid of my old calendars every year and having a fresh start to the year. I start off with adding all of my classes. Some people find it pointless that I put in the time of each class. I do send this calendar off to my friends that go to school far away (and my mom, so she doesn’t freak out that I’m not picking up her calls).

Collegiate Guide to Google Calendar | Use Google Calendar to get that 4.0.

Make each class day detailed.

I write down my readings and assignments for that day. This makes it super easy to access my readings, since I usually have 3-4 readings for each class. Also, to make it easier to find my assignments, I make the day red to indicate a deliverable.

Collegiate Guide to Google Calendar | Use Google Calendar to get that 4.0.

Have all major assignments and tests easily visible.

Each assignment is marked in red. Assignments due on non-class days are their own event marked in red. This way you will never miss a deadline. I never have but the stress from potentially doing that stresses me out even more.  Side note: I keep my calendar on a month view, so I know exactly how much work I have right now and in the upcoming weeks.


Collegiate Guide to Google Calendar | Use Google Calendar to get that 4.0.

Have separate calendars for your academics and extracurriculars.

I used to have so much more information on my calendar and just found it overwhelming to have things like office hours and extracurriculars all on one calendar. Luckily, the lovely president of my organization  made a separate Google Calendar for that and I recommend you do the same! Here’s my final view!

Collegiate Guide to Google Calendar | Use Google Calendar to get that 4.0.

Integrate with your planner.

Every Thursday ( I don’t have Friday classes), I sit down and write down all my assignments and readings for the week along with other admin tasks. Along with that, I  write down all the details for meetings and tailgates for the week. Yes, it’s possible to be a Google Calendar and a planner person!

How do you stay organized? Do you prefer Google Calendar or a planner?

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