Gift Guide for Men Under $50

Basically, while trying to buy a gift for the boyfriend, I realized buying for men is weird because they usually never want anything. Also, everything they want, they usually buy or is $400. So, I wanted to put together some things under 50 bucks that you could buy for any man. A lot of this revolves around alcohol solely because my boyfriend loves beer and gin…like a lot.

Gifts for Men Under $50 | gold&hearts

Weekender Bag

Recently, my boyfriend and I have started doing long distance(ish), and he brings the biggest duffle bag that is half empty and takes up so much space. So, this weekender bag is part of his actual Christmas present.

Alcohol-themed Presents

The boyfriend loves his craft beer and gin, so I have a few alcohol themed presents. The cocktail set is great for someone in their early 20s who are just moving into their first place. The beer-making kit is a really fun idea and is definitely one of those “gifting an experience” things. Alternatively, if beer isn’t his thing, this gin-making kit is a similar idea.


If your boyfriend/dad/brother loves cooking, this cookbook is cool. I didn’t want this to be hyper-masculine “yeah guns, fire, boobs” kinda guide, but this book actually has really cool food ideas (aka food I want someone to cook for me).


Joggers are a fun alternative to Christmas pajamas that will actually be worn besides when someone runs out of laundry. These are fashionable and functional with hella pockets. Also, let’s be real, everyone loves being comfy in the winter time.


So technology pieces are usually hella expensive, but I found some really cool pieces under $50. I did some research to find these wireless earphones are just over 20 bucks and are highly rated on Amazon. They are perfect for anyone who loves working out. Also, the Amazon Echo Dot is really cool. It’s speaker, timer, etc. and is Alexa enabled, so you can use voice commands to control things around your house.

I hope this made your shopping a little bit easier. To see what to get for your beauty obsessed friend, check out this guide.

What are you buying for the men in your life?

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DIY | #AnytimeSpa with Evian

This post contains sponsored content. 

Today, I’m here to bring you a really exciting post with Evian for their new #AnytimeSpa campaign. The holidays are coming up, which generally means avoiding conversations about politics with people you see maybe one or two times a year. At some point, it just becomes awkward when everyone under the age of 25 is lumped together. Luckily, instead of going to watch some PG-rated movie about 15 times, you can just put on a little DIY spa. Get everyone in your family involved and try to help mend that stressed out skin.

When you're bored during the holidays, get your family members together and do a DIY Spa Day with Evian. | gold&hearts

Part I: Face

I would start off with a clean face followed by the Evian spray for some renewed moisture. Recently, I’ve been loving this mud mask from Formula 10.0.6. that I got in my Ipsy, which helps draw out impurities. It makes your skin feels so clean afterwards and is suprisingly affordable. Your skin will then be ready for a really moisturizing mask like the First Aid Beauty mask or just normal moisturizer. A quick DIY mask is yogurt mixed with honey. If you want to really go the extra step, add some turmeric for glowing skin!

Part II: Hair

The holidays are a time where you want to look your best. With all the heat and styling, don’t forget to give your hair some ~extra~ love. On a regular basis, I use the Aussie 3-Minute Miracle, which is maybe $3 at the drugstore. In my Ipsy, I also received the Briogeo deep conditioning hair mask and have been loving that for an extra moisture boost. For a quick DIY mask, just slather a bunch of warm coconut oil in your hair and leave it in for as long or as little as you desire! While your hair mask is in, spray your face with some Evian spray and exfoliate your lips gently with a DIY scrub of honey and sugar.

Part III: Nails

Nails are so easy and fun to do for every age range. The Sally Hansen Cuticle Remover literally makes your hand look like they worked the scary cuticle scissor magic at the salon. After that, you just need an array of nail polish, base coat, and base coat. If you want to make it pedicure appropriate, just get one of these little feet grater things to make your feet soft af.

Have an amazing holiday season! If you aren’t celebrating anything this time of the year, just enjoy the cold weather and furry blankets!

What are your favorite at-home spa treatment? Who would you want to do a DIY spa with?

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Gift Guide for Beauty Lovers Under $25 and $50

So, we decided to do #Blogmas and have failed epically and have started today.Hopefully, we will have 12 new exciting posts between now and Christmas! We have some super exciting (holiday and non-holiday themed) content for y’all. Buying Christmas gifts and not going broke is pretty hard. You have that “do I love the x dollars or y dollars?” discussion, so we are hoping to make that easier and have some Christmas guide for everyone in your life.
Gift Guide for your favorite beauty lover under $25 and $50! | gold&hearts
Today, we are starting off with the beauty lover in your life. Everything above the words in the image is under $25 and everything below is under $50. Even if you know nothing about makeup, we’ve got you covered! If you know what your friend likes (lipstick, eyeshadow, etc), we have options for every price point. If you have no actual idea about makeup at all, we still got u covered.

Under $25

Any beauty lover can’t get enough of Beauty Blender. This set also has a cleanser which will last past the life of the Beauty Blender. I personally steal my friend’s sponge cleaner, so this is a steal for $25.

First Aid Beauty Christmas value sets are my favorite. I got introduced to the brand through one and buy one at least every year (oops). This set includes a cleanser, a lip conditioner, and facial radiance pads for $15. I don’t want to sound gimmick-y but holy shit what is in those facial pads and how do they make my skin look so good. They are usually my treat-yo-self because they are $$$ but actually have the payoff.

Also, perfect for this winter season is the L’Occitane Shea Butter Ornament that is only $15 (!!) and has hand cream, body lotion, and body soap. If you have ever owned any L’Occitane products, you know how luxurious they are. Side note: this is great for moms and grandmas too!

This Becca Glow on the Go set has both a liquid and powder version of their Moonstone Shimmering Skin Perfector. They both are in travel sizes making it for easy for the one who wants to try everything or the one who travels a lot.

The Kat Von D Bow and Arrow Set is perfect for your favorite trendy beauty lover at only $20.  Literally all my friends are obsessed with this lip color. It comes with their legendary liquid eyeliner.

Under $50

This palette is the real bae. The Tarte Tartlette in Bloom palette is on my wishlist (hint hint mom/bf). It has the perfect combination of shimmery and matte shades to create a variety of looks from natural to full on glam. Palettes are an amazing present because they basically last forever and your friend will always remember you for only $45.

If your friend loves her contour, she either has the Kat Von D Shade + Light palette or wants it. At $46, buy it for someone special who really never treats themself or really loves being glam at all times.

For you friend that basically has everything, this Nars Velvet Matte lip set will complete their collection of lip shades that are similar but not the same, which is the ideal standard for a lip product, for $45. These products are high quality and your friend will love you for them.

Lastly this amazing Beauty Blender + Benefit kit comes with a Beauty Blender (can you tell we are obsessed?), special blotting sheets, and the amazing Benefit Porefessional Primer for your friend that’s always touching up her makeup because the weather is ruining her life. (all Texas girls ever)

What are you favorite beauty purchases? What do you want on this list?
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