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Hey guys! We’re back with a new start to the new year. Today is the start of a new series. Every month, around the 15th, I get my Ipsy bags, and I want to share with you the things I get. So, the following month, I’ll share my opinions on the products after a month of use. If you don’t know, Ipsy is a subscription service that is $10 a month and they send you a mix of makeup, skincare, and haircare products. I’ve found some of my favorite things in the world through Ipsy and realized that some fan-favs are not made for me. Every month, you get five products in a small bag that comes packaged in the cutest pink bubble wrap envelope. It makes every month like Christmas all over again.

July Ipsy Review | paper + flame

Besides foundation, I feel like I never need to buy new products again. Mostly, you get sample-sized items, but many eyeliners are full-sized. Also, I’m not sure how they do this, but they deliver exactly what I need when I need it. For example, for the month of July, I needed a new face wash and BAM. I consider myself a “conscious consumer.” Before I buy any skincare or makeup products, I usually conduct extensive research, so this really saves me some time. Also, I’m not really a hair care gal, and their small samples have allowed me to branch out. Also, you can buy your Ipsy products and other high and low-end beauty products at a discount on the website.

July Ipsy Review | paper + flame

This month’s bag was Gudetama themed. Gudetama is this adorable depressed egg. He’s just adorable, I promise. My five products are

Beau Gâchis Illuminator Brush is weirdly what my brush collection was missing. I usually wear either no makeup or a full face of makeup. Due to a recent stress induced breakout, I have some acne scars that I want to cover up on a daily basis. To not look weird with just one cheek concealed, I usually pop on some concealer under my eye and some mascara as well. This brush is perfect for any concealing. Before using it as a concealing brush, I used it for highlighter and an all-over-the-lid brush. It worked pretty well for both.

Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet was the disappointing to the say the least. As a moisturizer, it was insufficient. As an oily skin girl, I use pretty stripping face washes to get my face feeling clean. Afterwards, I like to rehydrate my skin in the mornings with moisturizer and in the evening with night cream. This product goes on my skin and feels just kinda eh. It feels like I put a bad serum on. Also, this must be personally preference, but I hate how this smells. It smells like raw calabash, or bottle gourd.

July Ipsy Review | paper + flame

When I first received the Ciate London Wondewarnd Gel-Kohl Hybrid Liner in Black, I fully intended on giving it to my mom. I haven’t worn eyeliner in about four years when I realized that heavy eyeliner all around my eyes wasn’t the look for me. However, this eyeliner is double ended with eyeliner on one side and a smudging brush on another. The eyeliner is dark if you build it up and perfectly smudge-y if you want a smokey look.

Nomad Cosmetics Illuminating Highlighter in Midnight Sun is the next level highlighter. I have two other highlighters I use. One is more subtle and every day but can be considered more glam if I apply it with a wet or dense brush. The other highlighter I use is one I discovered from Ipsy, and it’s a natural gel based highlighter. Both are gorgeous and serve a purpose, but this one is really my more glam highlighter. I feel like taking approximately 15 billion selfies while wearing this highlighter. To be fair, for me, this is not the best highlighter. I have this thing called a natural glow, oily skin and sweaty face, but I’m excited to use this when it won’t melt off of my face. Together, the highlighter on my lids and the smudgy liner give me my best Delia Banai from Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce.

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Deep Dive Cleaning Gel is a really interesting product. It was perfecting timing because I wanted a new cleanser. My face was clean but not tight after washing. The gel is a liquid-y consistency and does a decent job cleansing my face. It doesn’t work too well for removing any eye makeup, and I don’t wearing anything waterproof. I don’t think I would repurchase this, but it did a decent job.

Overall, I liked 4/5 products, and I loved the physical bag. I think this is the usual split for most of Ipsy bags. I just got this month’s bag today, and I can’t wait to chat with y’all about it.

Do y’all get Ipsy? Do y’all use Birchbox? Have you used both? Which one do you prefer?

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