Wishlist | Halloween Decor

It’s October 1st, so I think it’s absolutely appropriate to start talking about Halloween Decor. Until college, I wasn’t a big Halloween girl, but, somehow, all my friends in college are big fans. They have officially converted me to a fan of the festivities. First of all, I can get behind anyway holiday that is essentially a big celebration of the color black. Second, I love Halloween movies. I can’t watch any form of horror or suspense movies, but kids Halloween movies are my favorite.
You’ll see a bit of theme in this decor wishlist. All of these are affordable and most of them are dark colors. You can definitely go a bunch of different ways with your decorations, but my roommate goes very dark and spooooooky. Black accents are perfect for any design scheme, and keep the decor chic. All these items are extremely affordable and are from Target and H&M. I tried my best to keep all the decor not cheesy and functional otherwise.
Affordable Halloween Decor | paper + flame
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