February Challenge

Now that half of 2018 is over, I’m excited for a new month. Whether you’re restarting your resolutions or continuing them, February is going to be a great. It’s going to start getting a little warmer but stay cool enough to still dress nicely. I’m excited for February only because its 4 perfectly rounded off weeks. This past month has moved at a glacial pace for me, and I’m OVER it.

Today, I come to you with a little challenge to make sure you do all those annoying admin-y things this month. There are 28 days in February, and we have 28 things to accomplish this month. Throughout the month, I’ll have things to help you accomplish a lot of these. Yes, that budget I promised is coming. I’m just trying to make it super customizable to fit everyone’s budgetary needs. Some stuff, especially car and financial things, aren’t relevant to everyone.

My type-A self loves any form of checklist or to-do list for gratification and validation, so this what y’all are getting. Also, I’m not saying this is my to-do list for the month, but I’m not not saying that either. I wanted to challenge myself, and y’all to get everything done. I attempted to make it pretty, but honestly, fonts are not my thing, so this is the best I could do. Honestly, a lot of these things are cleaning an organization things; I would call it pre-spring cleaning. I do most of these things about once a month anyway.

Get Sh*t Done February Checklist | paper + flame

What things do you love putting off? What do you want to accomplish this month? 
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