Intermittent Fasting

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What do Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Terry Crews, and I all have in common? Sadly, it’s not the fact that we are all in phenomenal shape. We all intermittently fast. Intermittent fasting is a fancy word for skipping a meal, either breakfast or dinner. I learned about intermittent fasting when Max Lowery, the author of The 2 Meal Day, was a guest on a podcast. There are many different people that implement this fasting in different ways, but I heard about it from Max Lowery and was immediately interested. I wanted to try it out initially because I was excited by the concept of having increased energy. I feel constantly exhausted, so I was hoping this would revolutionize my life. I bought his book for my mom for her birthday in early October and we poured through it together. His book comes with amazing and easy recipes that I’ve been trying to incorporate into my rotation.
The Big Picture
The general concept is that if you don’t eat breakfast or dinner you effectively fast for 14-16 hours. Coffee and tea in the morning is allowed as long as it’s without milk and sugar as they contain sugar. You eat a normal amount of lunch and dinner along with a snack in between if you’d like. Lastly, regarding the contents of the food themselves, obviously it works best if you eat super healthy, but Lowery likes to prioritize carbohydrates consumption as they are sugars. Lowery suggests eating low-carb meals unless you have worked out that day. Then, you can have one high-carb meal. Lowery, also, says that working out during your “fasting” period is totally fine and that you should stay hydrated.
My Schedule
When I started this diet, I would wake up around 7:30 and be out the door by 8:00. I would most likely eat a piece of toast with some jalapeño cream cheese on it. Realistically, I’m not a big fan of breakfast foods and would require way too much time to make a breakfast I actually enjoy. Next, I would eat lunch around 11:50 as I had a 12:30 class. I have found a few salads I enjoy and in the past few months have been having them for lunch because they require no reheating or refrigeration. Usually, after my first of three classes I would have a can of Coke. I finished classes around 5:00 and would come home and have a snack. Around 7:00, I would have dinner which would be whatever I was in the mood for combined with whatever was in my fridge.
My Application
One thing I definitely can’t stick too is the coffee without milk. I really don’t like coffee, but sometimes I just need an extra jump in my step. I make coffee with teaspoon of either Italian or Nescafe instant coffee in lactose-free milk. I still ate lunch at the same time and found myself eating the same amount of lunch. Because I spend most of my day studying, I really want to snack out of boredom. I replaced that snacking and my daily Coke with lots of water and a baby can of Coke Zero Sugar. The two days a week I had class I would come home ravenous and usually get home around 5:20 and start making dinner and eat around 6:00.
Honestly, the only difficultly I had with any of this is denying myself some drunk pizza after going out and inhaling tacos the morning after a night out. Because of my school schedule, I had to move my workouts to the afternoons because I’m not productive after I leave school. Also, I’m a chicken and vegetables gal, so cutting out carbs was only hard when I didn’t want to cook. At the same time, if I was craving a queso because I had a shitty day, I wouldn’t deny myself. I still went to breakfast and brunch with my friend. Brunch was easy because it wouldn’t start till 11:00 anyway, so I didn’t have to worry. I went to two 7:30 breakfasts with friends and I was very happy with just coffee. I focused on conversations and developing relationships instead of food.
A few of my friends started intermittent fasting without my encouragement. In all honesty, very few people knew I was even doing it. My roommate didn’t even realize until I was talking about it last night. My mother, of course, knew because she’s constantly shoving food down my throat. Sometimes, I missed having eggs, but I would just have eggs for lunch that day. My friends who have started doing it have reported a lot higher energy. I do think it helped with energy levels, but for me, it was more with the post-lunch crash that you usually get. Despite the fact that I had two mind-numbingly boring classes in a row, I stayed relatively energetic.
Honestly, my favorite part about intermittent fasting is that it is a diet where I’m not constantly thinking about food or what I eat. I’ve seen my friends who are doing Whole30, and they spend a lot of time and energy focusing on what they can or cannot eat. I never want to have a negative relationship with food because it’s absolutely delicious and required for your body to function normally. Low-carb meals aren’t that hard in my opinion because I replace carbs I might have eaten with more filling. Instead of tacos, I make the insides of a taco and just eat extra of the yummy parts. I’ve been doing intermittent fasting since early October, and honestly, I forget it’s a thing I’m doing till someone asks me about breakfast. I love that it’s such a part of my life that I don’t even have to think about it.
In honor of the new year and possibly already forgotten resolutions, I’m giving away two copies of The 2 Meal Day, one here and one on Instagram. I’m really happy to find something that works for me and helps with my energy levels.

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Do you have any fitness goals for 2018? Are you trying out any diets? Would you try intermittent fasting?
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Things I Want to Learn in 2018

Resolutions are hard, but I have some for the blog and some for myself in the future. If resolutions aren’t your thing, or you’ve already given up, challenge yourself to learn new things. If you don’t want to learn something new, try and improve on a skill you already have. The next six months are my last of avoiding adulthood. Admittedly, a year of graduate school isn’t delaying adulthood for long, but I’ll take everything I can get. I want to teach myself some basic (and not so basic) things in the next few months when I do have time on my hands. I start working in the beginning of busy season for my industry, so I want to learn somethings for fun and some to simplify my life  A lot of these things I can do while continuing to do the things I love, like listen to podcasts or watch TV.

Things I Want to Learn | paper + flame


Some of these things are pretty basic. I need to learn how to blow dry my hair, so it looks beautiful and voluminous. I have wavy/curly hair, so it’s frustrating leaving the house with wet hair because I have no idea how it’ll turn out. This really shouldn’t be this difficult, but I never learned how to do it. I, also, want to learn more about skincare products and create a routine that works for me. I have extremely oily skin. As it’s starting to warm up again here in Texas, I want to keep oiliness at bay. Lastly, I’ve had a DSLR for about two years now, so I really want to develop my photography skills further. I’ve done all the research and know what I need to know, but I just need to go out and shoot.

Cooking and Baking

I want to learn some specific technical skills for the new year. I really want to improve my cooking and baking skills technically. Within cooking, I want to be able to make a “fancy” food that is to be determined. I want to have a signature dish that everyone wants me to make all the time. Also, I want to try my hand at making more regional cuisines. I had a Lithuanian professor two consecutive semesters and started baking Lithuanian treats. I want to take countries and really break them down and make local foods. Baking-wise, I want to be able to make a swiss roll. I made and absolutely tragic Swiss roll with Karina about a month ago. I really want to try more technically difficult breads. I’ve perfected my focaccia and want to work on Challah next. The Challah plait is beautiful, and I want to make a few before Passover.

What do you want to learn in 2018?

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Reflections + Our Only Blog Goal

My one and only blog goal for this year is to build a community.

Reflections + 2018 Blog Goals | paper + flame


If you’ve read this blog at any point in the past three years, you know we do not post regularly. However, still, the blog is just something that I can’t let go or leave behind. I’ve met some amazing people through this blogging in the past couple of years. In 2016, I met Gabby, Tiffani (and Thomas), and Kayla (and Ryan). It’s weird meeting people you only interact with on Twitter in real life. They are all not only amazing bloggers but also great people. This is one of my biggest reason’s to build a community.

In the past few months, I focused on two platforms a bit more. Through October and November, I focused on Instagram and truly found joy in curating a feed that I think is #aesthetic. I also found joy in posting whatever I want because I though it was beautiful. In December, I enjoyed being on Twitter and being unapologetically myself and connecting with people on a person to person basis. Nothing starts a friendship like the same sense of (dry and slightly self-deprecating) humor. Not only that, I’ve connected with people in Austin that I can’t wait to become IRL friends with once I return to Austin.

I re-found my love for blogging with #Blogmas. Admittedly, I only posted 9 out of 12 days of Blogmas, but I challenged myself to put something up. I created content that I loved about topics I cared about along with some content just to put stuff up. It varied in quality, but it was enough for me to prove to myself that I can be consistent. For Blogmas, I would take any small amount of time and put it into writing a post. I used study breaks and tv time with my friends mainly and was mainly just proud of myself. I hope to continue that consistency in the new year.


As I said before, my only blog goal is to build a community, but I want to do that in many different ways. I want to continue creating content that I love and care about that may not be “on brand” or “on theme.” I want to have a definite “paper + flame” image out there that reflects Kaylee and I as people. Obviously, I want to consistently create content on all platforms. I just want to do the things that make me love blogging even if that includes some of the admin stuff. To start off, in January, I want to post every three days. I’ve broken it down weekly to not overwhelm myself. I’m hoping to start bullet journaling to replace my collection of sticky notes I carry around that dictate my life.

I want to meet other bloggers in person. I want to specifically make and effort to reach out to people in Texas and meet up for coffee or a drink. In January, I’ve already lined up a few bloggers to meet with and I am excited. I’m not an introverted person by any means, but I still get nervous meeting new people. I’m focusing on people I have a good genuine connection with regardless of their popularity. The blogging community is mainly why I don’t want to stop blogging even if I’m not the best blogger. People here are just great people.

Lastly, I want support more bloggers. Whether that’s commenting on a post or retweeting a tweet, I want to be there for my fellow bloggers in the same way I am there for my friends. I want to support every business venture and personal venture they undertake to the best of my ability. I want to enter ever giveaway and support people. I really love one-on-one connections as I have mentioned, and I really want to create and develop new ones this way. This is a big part of the “building a community” goal.

This was a kind of weird post to write because, to someone who doesn’t know me, could sound like absolute and utter fluffy bullshit. I honestly am excited to give back and love the blogging community the way they have to me.

What are your blog goals? What’s your favorite part of the blogging community? 

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Packing for Winter Break

Packing for break is actually the worst thing ever. You’re usually leaving the day after your last final. You’re physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted. Your friends convinced you to start drinking right after you final ended, even if its noon. I alway get overwhelmed while packing and then end up forgetting stuff. I’ve slowly figured out how to pack. This is mostly sarcasm, but this is my real packing style.

Packing for Winter Break | paper + flame

First make lists. Make hella lists to not only procrastinate but also clear out your brain. This might be the most important step.


It’s all about the order. First, start off with your room. Strip your bed of your sheets and wash them. You will always appreciate coming back to an immaculately made bed with clean sheets. Pack your important outfits. Make sure you have everything you need for Christmas and New York Eve complete with appropriate undergarments, lipstick, accessories, and shoes. Next, pack undergarments and socks. I somehow always forget to pack one of the three, and I’m screwed. Next, you might need to do laundry, so run that while you do everything else. Start cleaning your room. Don’t be a lazy POS. Move your packed suitcase into any space that isn’t your room. Lastly, vacuum your room.


Next, move on to your bathroom. First, spray every possible surface with cleaner then start packing. Next, pack your skincare and makeup. Make sure to overpack both items and pretend that you aren’t going to sit make up free in your pajamas all break. Definitely don’t forget your tooth brush. Lastly, clean up every surface in your bathroom.


First, clean out your fridge. Get rid of those weird niche vegetables you bought when you were “on your health kick.” If you’re anything like my roommate and I, you’ll discover you have about 17 bottles of ranch. Wipe down the fridge shelves. Next, do the dishes. Lastly, empty out the trash cans.


Load your car or bags up and remember the christmas presents you bought. Lastly, don’t stress too much because you can always repurchase everything.

When are y’all going to be home for Christmas? Are you already home? Enjoy you holiday season and check out the rest of the BlogMas posts.

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Places to Donate Your Time + Money

This time of the year people feel grateful for eveyrthing they have. Everyone wants to give back, but we just wanted to make it easier by compling a  list of charities to donate your time and money. We wanted to highlight meaningful causes to us and their impact. 

Where to donate your Time and Money | paper + flame

The World Central Kitchen with ChefJ osé Andrés have provided over 3 million meal to the people of Puerto Rico. Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico at the end of September and only 70% of the electricity is back on. Everyone on the island doesn’t have running water. The World Central Kitchen has helped out bring fresh food to the island. On the same line as Puerto Rico, Hurricane Harvey hit Houston in the end of August. Kaylee and I are both from Houston and Kaylee currently lives in Houston. We have first hand seen the devastation that occurred and is still present. The Houston Food Bank always does amazing things, but especially this year when so many more people are in need. We recommend donating to the Houston Food Bank because it will directly help this community. Having volunteered there many times, I know that everyone that works there cares so much about the people they serve.
The Human Rights Campaign advocates for LGBTQ+ rights and could use support
Malala Fund aspires to ensure that every girl receives at least secondary school education. They work in countries where a lot of the stigma against girl’s education is cultural along with countries housing refugees. As I will graduate with my master’s in May, I can’t imagine anyone questioning my educational ambitions. If that isn’t inspiring enough, I highly recommend reading her Malala’s book because you will be moved to absolute tears.
More so than money, your time is valuable. Volunteering your time is beneficial in two way. Not only do you get to help with the task at hand, you connect with the people and community you are serving to fully understand their lives. Kaylee and I went to high school together; our community service was called social awareness because you become aware of issues that you would never actually understand existed otherwise. You can always donate to your local food bank. Whether that calls for you starting a food drive or going and sorting boxes. They can always use help. Similarly, Angel Tree donates gifts to children in need. You receive their list of items which, sadly, usually has absolute basics like socks and underwear. I recommend having party with your friends and encourage everyone to bring one thing on the kids list to donate. Meals on Wheels has recently faced a budget decrease. Meals on Wheels provides meals to the elderly and people with disabilities. For a lot of people, it’s not only the food, but also the company that helps them. Give some on your four-legged friend’s behalf and volunteer at an animal shelter. Animal shelters prepare to receive many animals in January and February when family’s realize that their child/parent are allergic to their new fluffy friend.
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Podcast Recommendations

As the holidays are upon us, a lot of will be traveling. Whether you’re traveling far or stuck in traffic parking at the mall, podcasts can help you pass the time. I love podcasts and wanted to share my favorite picks! Podcasts help pass the time and teach something in the mean time. If you find podcasts too slow or a bit boring, I highly recommend listening at a faster speed!
Podcast Recommendations | paper + flame


I start every morning with Up First, by NPR, and The Daily, New York Times. Both podcasts condense current events into a small (and digestible) amount of information. Despite being constantly bombarded by news, these podcasts ensure that I know the most important news bits from reliable sources. If you’re looking for some comedic discussion of the news, I highly recommend The Bugle, formerly co-hosted by John Oliver, and Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, an NPR news quiz show.


News Discussion
These podcasts are talk radio in podcast form. Crooked Media, a media company started by ex-Obama staffers, has Pod Save America  and Lovett or Leave It. They relate and compare their experiences working closely with a president. Pod Save America biweekly discusses the news and Lovett or Leave it is a game show filled with all your favorite comedians. Stay Tuned with Preet is hosted by the ex-State Attorney for New York. If you are looking for a discussion from both sides of the political spectrum, I highly recommend The 45th, which has two of the hosts from Undisclosed, including the woman that brought Serial season 1’s case to Sarah Koenig.
Pod Save the World,another Crooked Media podcast, discusses foreign policy with career diplomats. Can He Do That? and What Trump Can Teach us About Con Law review the constitution and constitutionality and regularity of the president’s actions. The New Washington, another New York Times podcast, interviews the biggest names in politics. Freakonomics Radio isn’t necessary political but talks about practical application of economics in answering daily questions. Steve Levitt, who coauthored the coordinating book, hosts the show.

True Crime

So, my fascination with podcasts started off with Serial like many people. If you haven’t listened to it, you’re really missing out. S-Town doesn’t really fall in this category, but it’s from the offices of Serial. All I can say is that it’s an extremely interesting story.  The Hae Min Lee case was brought to Sarah Koenig by Rabia Chaudry who started her own podcast called Undisclosed. This dives into the legal investigation of the case in which they uncovered new evidence that helped his appeal. They have had multiple seasons investigating different cases, following the case of Hae Min Lee. If you’re a fan of 20/20, ABC has produced two documentaries that go along with the podcasts A Killing on the Cape and A Murder on Orchard StreetAccused and Breakdown are my favorite true crime podcasts after Serial and feature newspaper-style journalism.
If murder isn’t your vibe, I recommend Dirty John and Crimetown, which investigate a con-man and organized crime in Rhode Island. Deadly Manners and Homecoming are fictional crime shows. Deadly Manners is a story of dinner party gone wrong with Kristen Bell, and Homecoming is about a secret military branch. Up and Vanished and Truth and Justice are for everyone who likes to get involved in a case. They crowd source investigations, which some people do find controversial. If you liked American Vandal on Netflix, I highly recommend Done Disappeared. If you listen to a lot of true crime podcasts, you will understand the subtle references.
Sometimes, instead of drawn out investigations, I prefer stand-alone podcasts. Crime Writers On is a discussion of true crime media, including podcasts and tv shows, by four true crime writers. My Favorite Murder is the most famous of the chatty true crime podcasts. These two comedians tell each other about different murders weekly the way that you would talk to your friends about something interesting. Ear Hustle isn’t chatty per se but is hosted and produced out of San Quentin State Penitentiary and describes aspects of life in prison. Criminal has a similar vibe and describes interesting stories of different kinds of crimes.


By Creators
 At Home With…,by Anna and Lily, interviews established people in the beauty world in their homes. They perfectly blend audio and visual elements. Don’t Blame Me,by Meghan Rienks, gives candid advice that I think I would give people. The Heart of It , with Estee Lalonde takes a deep dive into themes of her life. She talked about strength, feminism, and her mom. Lastly, Filler interviews various creatives in London. It’s beautiful and really captures the #struggle.
One of the hosts of Crime Writers On also hosts a podcast called HGTV and Me. They discuss all the important things HGTV-related things, like how tiny houses suck. If you love TV and talking about TV, The West Wing Weekly discusses the West Wing on an episode by episode basis. The West Wing Weekly has a cast member as a co-host and have interviewed the entire famous cast and crew for their relevant episodes. Missing Richard Simmons is a news reporters quest to find out about the whereabouts of Richard Simmons. Lastly, I recommend My Dad Wrote a Porno, in which a guy and his friends discuss a porno his dad wrote. This host’s dad saw the success of Fifty Shades of Grey and decided that he can do it too. Although it’s the least sexy thing in the world, it’ll have you cracking up for days.
Do you listen to podcasts? What are y’all’s favorite podcasts?
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Beauty | Pamper Yourself with Groupon

Disclosure: This post is sponsored, but I’ve literally been using Groupon for 4 years now. 

A few days ago we talked about building your business wardrobe in college without breaking the bank with Groupon Coupons. This week, we are back with Groupon to learn how to #treatyoself and not go broke af. Last week I talked about using Groupon for yoga and movie deals. It baffles me how mcuh cheaper things are on Groupon. It’s also an amazing place to get Christmas presents for your friends and family. Last Christmas, I bought one friend tickets for the Globetrotters and my boyfriend a gin distillery tour.

Pamper Yourself with Groupon | #treatyoself on a college budget with Groupon Coupons

A not-so-secret tip is to use Groupon for the Health, Beauty, and Wellness section. I’ve used Groupons for a haircut and keratin treatment (for only $25), shellac manicure (for only $10), and my laser hair removal (for $180). I’m not a very treat yourself kinda person. I rarely splurge on makeup and skincare and usually ask my lovely friends and family to buy me the fancier things I use. Groupon lets me splurge on my college budget without worrying about reducing my bank balance to zero or going into credit card debt. My favorite part about Groupon, which will reveal how lazy I really am, is that you can search based on distance from your location.

Recently I’ve been loving finding Groupons for hair salons. I’ve literally never used a shampoo over like $6-7 dollars a bottle. However, I’ve started getting hair cut 3-4 times a year instead of 1-2, which I know isn’t good for it. Short hair is trendy right now and I didn’t realize the maintenance it requires until I cut my hair short.  After cutting it short, my waves turned into full on curls, and the frizz monster attacked in full force. Now, I get my hair cut more frequently to maintain the style and shape (to prevent the hate triangle). Because I used to get my hair cut so rarely, I don’t really have allegiance to a salon. Groupon lets me see reviews for new salons, so I can get my hair cut and deep conditioned regularly.
Have y’all ever used Groupon? What’s your favorite Groupon you’ve ever bought? 
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January Favorites and February Goals


Hey guys! I know we’re a little late, but wow, January is over. We are 1/12th of the way through 2016. This month has been an absolute nightmare health wise, but I’m recovering! The month of January has been crazy! I’ve been recruiting for a public accounting internship. It’s been a great (but stressful) time getting to meet some amazing people from some amazing firms. Being an accounting student, this is the climax of your college career, so I’m super excited.


We haven’t really delved into beauty products on this blog, but Kaylee and I are huge fans.

Colab Sheer + Invisible Dry Shampoo in London

I picked this up when I was in London in December and it honestly is the best dry shampoo I’ve used. Having dark black hair, the last thing I want is that weird whitish grayish residue in my hair. This amazing product leaves no residue at all and has a great smell. I picked this one (and five more) up for at 2.5 pounds or about $3.50. It helps me prolong the time between hair washes and has helped me train my hair to be less oily. Next time, I want to try out the volumizing version!

Sleek Make Up Face Form in Medium

This is has become my end all be all for palettes. I use this for an eyeshadow palette as well. When traveling, I easily can grab this, liner, mascara, foundation, and a powder, and I’m good for whatever I have to face.

e.l.f. Studio High Definition Powder in Translucent

 I bought this because I accidentally left my makeup bag at home for two weeks and had to make do. I picked up some missing products including this powder. As a person with super oily skin, it makes my skin look velvet-y and gorgeous.

Real Techniques Buffing Brush

I fell in love with my (very dirty) Real Techniques buffing brush again! My mom had (sneakily) taken it from me because she loves it as well. It has the correct density and movement. I had bought a replacement brush, but it was too dense and caked on my foundation.

January Recap

Here are my January goals:
  1. Post 5 times this month
  2. Tweet daily
  3. Pin all posts
  4. Engage in Facebook groups
What I accomplished
  1. We wrote two posts, and this will be the second post in February! It can only go up!
  2. I use Revive Old Post to post at least one post from the archives on a daily basis!
  3. I’ve pinned all (two) posts we put up this months!
  4. I’ve posted on Facebook groups and hosted a twitter chat with Blogging College!
February Goals
  1. One post every 5 days
  2. Instagram at least once a week
  3. Pin all posts (continuing this because I want to use it more often)
  4. Make friends with people on Twitter
  5. Spend at least two hours a week reading blogs

What were your January favorites? What are your goals for February?

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Why You Should Make Resolutions + How to Keep Them!

Do you remember your New Years Resolution? It’s been a week, so how are they going? It’s the time of the year where you feel silently judged by all the health food recipes on Pinterest. Even though plenty of sarcastic comments float around the Internet around this time, you shouldn’t feel discouraged from making resolutions! I’m a big podcast person, and a lot of these podcasts feature studies explaining how and why your resolutions don’t work. Including my personal experience with making resolutions, which happens about every two months when I feel bored and uninspired.
How To Make Resolutions + How to Keep Them goldandhearts gold&hearts g&h

Why make resolutions?

Resolving to improve yourself is never a bad thing regardless of the outcome. The ability to change yourself for the better is not only good for yourself but also inspiring for others. Regardless of the size or importance of your resolution, there’s never anything bad with improving yourself! Also, make resolutions often! I make resolutions every few months when I’m feeling uninspired with my surroundings and my life. It starts off with a big closet cleanup and a reorganization of my life and ends with me working out a bit more.

Why do resolutions fail?

Resolutions usually fail because people don’t know how to set realistic goals.
  1. Most people don’t know what is a reasonable goal. Remember your resolutions are for the year of 2016. It doesn’t mean they need to be accomplished today! It means that it is something you need accomplish by the end of the year.
  2. Also, people don’t know how long it’ll take to achieve that goal. Going from a couch potato to a regular runner isn’t going to happen in running every other day for two weeks. It’s probably something you’ll struggle with for a month or two.

How do you keep resolutions?

  1. Break down your goals! If you’ve read my blog goals, I’ve broken them down monthly! I want to get to a place in the end where I’m a regular blogger who posts actively on social media. Realistically, if I force myself to do everything right now, then I will get blogger burn out and abandon the plan once I get back to school.
  2. Write your goals down! Make sure you see your goals on a daily basis! Make it your phone background, and put them on a sticky note on your mirror. Make them your laptop background and shout them to the world. When everyone knows your goals, it’ll make you feel more responsible.
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Five Things We Wish We Had More Time to Do

Five Small Things to Improve your Life | gold&heartsSometimes I sit on my bed eating hummus and pita chips on my fifth hour Netflix and think, I should change my habits. I’m one of those people who is always trying to improve themselves and really doesn’t succeed. I challenged Kaylee and me to come up with a list of things that we wanted to make more time for and try to actually accomplish them. The first thing I wanted to do was wake up early. I’ve been slowly forcing myself to wake up between 8:30 and 9:00 every day. With that, I have more time in my day because I finish my work much earlier. I started thinking of the things I always said I would do and haven’t done, and I created this list. Some of these things I’ve actually started working on, and some I will try to get to soon.


Both Kaylee and I including reading on our list because it’s that sort of thing that everyone puts on their list. I’ve been actually implementing this two ways. The first way I’ve been reading more is walking to and spending at least an hour a week our local book store, Book People. I usually grab a smoothie from the flagship Whole Foods store nearby and find a cozy spot to read a book. The second way I implement reading more is trying to ban electronics after 11. I like to have some time to read and try to sleep before midnight. I’ve collected these books that I honestly have no space for, so I decided I might as well read them.


This is another activity both Kaylee and I had on our lists. I’m trying to do a Christmas craft a week to lead up to Christmas and bring some holiday cheer to my apartment. I have a Christmas craft Pinterest board on my personal account with my friends, and we are slowly knocking those down. You’ll see some DIYs on here as well!


I think this is something absolutely everyone has on their list regardless of their frequency of exercising. Currently, I try to walk/run/jog at least five miles a day. Living off campus, my usual day-to-day movements leave me at about 4 miles a day. I try to workout at least 3 times a week. I really want to make more time for walks, just to explore the city, as well as take advantage of workout classes offered around the city. I’m planning on signing up for a yoga membership in January. Kaylee really wants to be more active in general and workout more often.


Kaylee and I went to a high school that placed a really big emphasis on volunteering. We called it social awareness which encompasses the idea of volunteering really well. You’re not in a hierarchical relationship, but you have a mutual symbiotic relationship with the people/area you are volunteering at. We would volunteer for 2 hours every Wednesday for two years. Both of us really miss connecting with people and helping people out and wish we actually had more time to do  that. Community service in organizations is great, but you rarely get to make long-lasting, meaningful relationships through fundraising,  profit shares, or fun-run.


If you’ve read this blog at all, you can tell how much it has been forgotten because of tests, committees, or school in general. I want to get back into the blogging mode over break, so I’m able to fully merge it into my schedule next semester. I love blogging and all the work associated with it. Even thought it’s so time intensive, I enjoy it so much that I don’t consider it work.
What are somethings you wish you had more time to do? 
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