Affordable Business Casual with Groupon Coupons

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I’ve heard of Groupon Coupons through the blogger grapevine, but this week I actually checked it out. I’ve been using Groupon for yoga and movie deals for years now. GrouponCoupons actually gives you really awesome coupons to a variety of places. If you have an online shopping problem like us, this literally saves you so much money. From hotels to clothes, they’ve got you covered.

Business Casual Basics with Groupon Coupons-Spon

Today, we wanted to show you how to save some money with business casual wardrobe basics featuring J.Crew Factory, Sephora, and Express. I highly recommend tailoring this to your work environment. Also, being a college blog, we are always super budget conscious. I personally consider business clothes more of an investment because they do last and tend to be versatile. Make the clothes you buy for career fair or an interview last way past just joining the work force. If you need help networking, we got you covered.

Conservative Workplace

For your more conservative business place, we recommend J.Crew Factory. Business casual in a more conservative workplace is basically a suit without the blazer. You can play it up with textures and colors but generally keep things clean and muted.  They have the simple pieces that you can build on to create an amazing work wardrobe. The first outfit is a really simple short sleeve top with tapered trousers and cute loafers. You can easily dress it up or down with accessories and heels to take you from day to night!

Trendy Dress Code 

For a more trendy workplace, we recommend Express. They have those high quality trendy pieces that you can wear day or night. Once again, this is depends on your workplace dress code so take all of this with a grain of salt. We really wanted to find some edgy basics that are a modern twist on classic pieces to be trendy but versatile. like a blazer, shift dress, and button downs.

Best Face Forward

Bite MultiStick in Marscapone and Papaya are simple nude colors that can will keep your work appropriate and can double as a lip and cheek color. The Benefit Roller Lash will keep your eyelashes looking full and fluttery. This Clinique CC Cream will keep your skin fresh and dewy all day long! Honestly, wear whatever makeup makes you feel beautiful and comfortable all day. If you commute or want your makeup to stay all day, check out our no-budge makeup look.

Where do you shop for work clothes? Is your business casually more conservative or cute?
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Nordstrom Sale | Affordable Picks Under $25 and $50

We loved the affordable Nordstrom Sale beauty picks, so we’re back with some more! This time, we’re giving y’all NSale picks under $25 and $50. Just because you’re a college student doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of this sale. Honestly, I’ve had a pretty hell-ish week, so blogging has really been my escape. Summer classes are hard because they tend to be really extensive and dense. I really enjoy one of my classes, hate another, and have no idea what’s going on in the other. I’ve really enjoyed online shopping for this post (and myself) as a form of relaxation, so I hope y’all enjoy! Nordstrom Sale | Affordable Picks Under $25 & $50 Nordstrom Sale | Affordable Picks Under $25 & $50

Under 50 Dollars

Have y’all bought anything from the sale? What’s your favorite pick?

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Outfit Staples | Summer

Summer Outfit Staples | gold&heartsHey y’all! We are definitely deep in the summer here in Texas. It’s been 100 degrees every day, and I refuse to leave my house. Today I wanted to share with you my summer uniform. I’ve been in love with four pieces of clothing and accessories, and I wanted to give you a few of my top picks at all price points. I definitely am all about my clothes touching me the least amount possible because of the heat, so this outfit perfectly captures that.

Scroll over the photos for more details!

White t-shirts from summer are a no-brainer. White tops are an outfit staple for anytime of the year, but they best options usually come out in the summer. These shirts help me stay cool, but look a bit more put together than a plain t-shirt or tank top. Honestly, I’m still on the search for the perfect drape-y soft white top and probably will be forever.

I ~finally~ have figure out boyfriend jeans. I bought a pair from Zara that are super flattering and really comfortable. Boyfriend jeans just have more of a chilled out vibe and, debatably, are more comfortable than skinny jeans. I’ve very surprisingly been into distressed denim too. My style is very clean, but the distressed look makes me feel really Cool Girl™.

I think the theme here is pretty clear, but I’ve been loving a good chunky heel. I’ve been looking into buying more casual heels, which is pretty hard when you love  black as much I do. However, my quest continues. I really just want a kinda mid length heel that elongates my leg and is super comfortable. Living in Austin, I know I’ll have to walk up or down a hill wherever I’m going, so I want to be in reasonable shoes.

So, I recently bought the middle watch of these three, and I’m in love.  Menswear inspired watches are really in right now. I’ve been into minimalist watches for almost a year now, but I finally bit the bullet this month and bought one! The Daniel Wellington Sheffield watch in 36mm is the perfect size watch face and doesn’t slide up and down my arm.

Based off of these outfit staples, I’ve made my summer “uniform” that people have been loving. I hope y’all got some great outfit inspo from this (because I definitely did looking up all these cute things). Remember, if you want to know where any of these things are from, just scroll over the picture!

What are your summer essential pieces? What have you been loving this summer? 

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