February Favorites + March Goals

February Favorites and March Goals -- gold&hearts

I know everyone says this every month, but I can’t believe February went by so quickly. I was out of town a lot this month, which helped this month fly by. February was a pretty rough month for me, but I’m hoping to get back into my routine! I’ve been studying a lot this month as well, so I really need to get back into an exercise schedule.
Because I’ve been studying so much, I’ve been walking to and from campus more than usual. To keep me entertained, I’ve been listening to some awesome podcasts! Before I get into these favorites, we aren’t going to talk about Serial because I have waaaay too many feelings about season 2. Anyway, I’ve been loving Filler, a creative industries podcast. The hosts, Harry Hitchens and Matt Shore, have really cool creatives from London come in and talk about their inspiring work. As an accounting major, most of my work is very dry, and this helps inspire me. February is the month of ~love~. Very appropriately, I’ve been listening to Modern Love. Modern Love has celebrities reading stories from New York Times’ modern love column. Afterwards, they discuss the experience with the author. It’s makes you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. These stories aren’t meet-cutes and are quite heart-wrenching.
Kaylee’s been loving the My New Roots app. It’s currently one of the free app downloads on the Starbucks app, and it has healthy, delicious, vegetarian recipes. (She’s a vegetarian.) The app has amazing photographs that makes even the healthiest food look delicious. Honestly, looking at the photos, you’d never know these recipes were healthy. As a carnivore, I like to use these meals as a base and add my meat of choice, usually chicken, to the recipes. It makes meal planning super easy.
I’ve also been into emergency services TV shows, which is a really weird niche. If you’re into Brooklyn Nine Nine, you’d love Sirens! It’s a comedy show about a group of EMTs from Chicago. I also started watching the Mysteries of Laura, which is Debra Messing’s new show about detectives. It’s not as funny as Brooklyn Nine Nine, but I love it! Just a heads up, I like watching kinda dumb and mindless shows that I can watch while doing other things. It’s no Game of Thrones, but both of these are light and funny.


February Goals
  1. One post every 5 days
  2. Instagram at least once a week
  3. Pin all posts (continuing this because I want to use it more often)
  4. Make friends with people on Twitter
  5. Spend at least two hours a week reading blogs
What We Accomplished!
  1. We posted 3 times this month which is once more than last month!
  2. We were ON TOP of our Instagram game. We fell back in love with Instagram
  3. We continued pinning posts! Woohoo!
  4. Still lacking on making friends on Twitter, but I had a rough month.
  5. Need to work on reading blogs! I did read a few more travel blogs because of work!
March Goals
  1. Keep on working on a post every 5 days
  2. Instagram every other day
  3. Use Pinterest more actively
  4. Be active on influencer networks
  5. Celebrate our one year anniversary with a giveaway
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January Favorites and February Goals


Hey guys! I know we’re a little late, but wow, January is over. We are 1/12th of the way through 2016. This month has been an absolute nightmare health wise, but I’m recovering! The month of January has been crazy! I’ve been recruiting for a public accounting internship. It’s been a great (but stressful) time getting to meet some amazing people from some amazing firms. Being an accounting student, this is the climax of your college career, so I’m super excited.


We haven’t really delved into beauty products on this blog, but Kaylee and I are huge fans.

Colab Sheer + Invisible Dry Shampoo in London

I picked this up when I was in London in December and it honestly is the best dry shampoo I’ve used. Having dark black hair, the last thing I want is that weird whitish grayish residue in my hair. This amazing product leaves no residue at all and has a great smell. I picked this one (and five more) up for at 2.5 pounds or about $3.50. It helps me prolong the time between hair washes and has helped me train my hair to be less oily. Next time, I want to try out the volumizing version!

Sleek Make Up Face Form in Medium

This is has become my end all be all for palettes. I use this for an eyeshadow palette as well. When traveling, I easily can grab this, liner, mascara, foundation, and a powder, and I’m good for whatever I have to face.

e.l.f. Studio High Definition Powder in Translucent

 I bought this because I accidentally left my makeup bag at home for two weeks and had to make do. I picked up some missing products including this powder. As a person with super oily skin, it makes my skin look velvet-y and gorgeous.

Real Techniques Buffing Brush

I fell in love with my (very dirty) Real Techniques buffing brush again! My mom had (sneakily) taken it from me because she loves it as well. It has the correct density and movement. I had bought a replacement brush, but it was too dense and caked on my foundation.

January Recap

Here are my January goals:
  1. Post 5 times this month
  2. Tweet daily
  3. Pin all posts
  4. Engage in Facebook groups
What I accomplished
  1. We wrote two posts, and this will be the second post in February! It can only go up!
  2. I use Revive Old Post to post at least one post from the archives on a daily basis!
  3. I’ve pinned all (two) posts we put up this months!
  4. I’ve posted on Facebook groups and hosted a twitter chat with Blogging College!
February Goals
  1. One post every 5 days
  2. Instagram at least once a week
  3. Pin all posts (continuing this because I want to use it more often)
  4. Make friends with people on Twitter
  5. Spend at least two hours a week reading blogs

What were your January favorites? What are your goals for February?

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Favorites | March 2015

March 2015 Favorites
As the month of March comes to a close, I wanted to review some of my favorite things that I’ve loved about this month. This list is basically the things I’ve fallen in love with in the past few weeks, so I hope y’all can check these things out and feel the same!
Shameless (the US version)
I’ve binge watched all five seasons (episodes are between 45 and 50 minutes long) of this show in the past couple weeks, and I haven’t regretted it one bit. I absolutely love the characters and how the show deals with serious issues while finding a way to keep things light. The finale of the show’s fifth season is next Sunday, but don’t rush watching it all in a week if you’ve got stuff to do!
I’ve used this stuff every single day this month. It never clumps, and my eyelashes have never looked longer! I only have the travel-sized version because it came in my Naked On the Run set, but once this runs out, I definitely look forward to buying the real thing!
I bought this shirt as a total impulse buy because they had it for half off in a flash sale, and wow, am I glad I did! Needless to say, I love this shirt! It’s comfortable and light which is perfect for spring, and I’m so excited to wear this every chance I get.
Pazazz Apples
HEB has the largest selection of apples I’ve ever seen. I really just picked these up because they were giant and looked delicious, and they have not disappointed in either of these aspects. They’re too big for my apple slicer to go totally through, and they taste amazing!
Resilient is a mental health website similar to Pinterest but for your emotional well-being. They also offer online “classes” that help in dealing with depression and anxiety.* I signed up for Resilient’s 30 Day Negativity Detox last month not knowing what to expect. I received an email every day from Resilient’s founder Katie Harp about tips and tricks and even personal anecdotes about recovery with an action step to journal about or do that day. I felt better journaling about my experiences and really thinking about how I feel instead of regurgitating it to a therapist.
*I’m gonna be serious for a second: depression and anxiety are very, very real things, and if you think you have one or both of them, try seeing your doctor, a therapist, or your college’s counseling center (yes I promise there is one). If you’re not comfortable seeing a professional or your parents, try talking to one of your best friends or someone else you trust.
So that’s all I have for y’all in these last few March days. I really look forward to April with Easter coming up (and going home) this week! Let us know what you’ve liked about these past thirty days in the comments!

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