Intermittent Fasting

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What do Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Terry Crews, and I all have in common? Sadly, it’s not the fact that we are all in phenomenal shape. We all intermittently fast. Intermittent fasting is a fancy word for skipping a meal, either breakfast or dinner. I learned about intermittent fasting when Max Lowery, the author of The 2 Meal Day, was a guest on a podcast. There are many different people that implement this fasting in different ways, but I heard about it from Max Lowery and was immediately interested. I wanted to try it out initially because I was excited by the concept of having increased energy. I feel constantly exhausted, so I was hoping this would revolutionize my life. I bought his book for my mom for her birthday in early October and we poured through it together. His book comes with amazing and easy recipes that I’ve been trying to incorporate into my rotation.
The Big Picture
The general concept is that if you don’t eat breakfast or dinner you effectively fast for 14-16 hours. Coffee and tea in the morning is allowed as long as it’s without milk and sugar as they contain sugar. You eat a normal amount of lunch and dinner along with a snack in between if you’d like. Lastly, regarding the contents of the food themselves, obviously it works best if you eat super healthy, but Lowery likes to prioritize carbohydrates consumption as they are sugars. Lowery suggests eating low-carb meals unless you have worked out that day. Then, you can have one high-carb meal. Lowery, also, says that working out during your “fasting” period is totally fine and that you should stay hydrated.
My Schedule
When I started this diet, I would wake up around 7:30 and be out the door by 8:00. I would most likely eat a piece of toast with some jalapeño cream cheese on it. Realistically, I’m not a big fan of breakfast foods and would require way too much time to make a breakfast I actually enjoy. Next, I would eat lunch around 11:50 as I had a 12:30 class. I have found a few salads I enjoy and in the past few months have been having them for lunch because they require no reheating or refrigeration. Usually, after my first of three classes I would have a can of Coke. I finished classes around 5:00 and would come home and have a snack. Around 7:00, I would have dinner which would be whatever I was in the mood for combined with whatever was in my fridge.
My Application
One thing I definitely can’t stick too is the coffee without milk. I really don’t like coffee, but sometimes I just need an extra jump in my step. I make coffee with teaspoon of either Italian or Nescafe instant coffee in lactose-free milk. I still ate lunch at the same time and found myself eating the same amount of lunch. Because I spend most of my day studying, I really want to snack out of boredom. I replaced that snacking and my daily Coke with lots of water and a baby can of Coke Zero Sugar. The two days a week I had class I would come home ravenous and usually get home around 5:20 and start making dinner and eat around 6:00.
Honestly, the only difficultly I had with any of this is denying myself some drunk pizza after going out and inhaling tacos the morning after a night out. Because of my school schedule, I had to move my workouts to the afternoons because I’m not productive after I leave school. Also, I’m a chicken and vegetables gal, so cutting out carbs was only hard when I didn’t want to cook. At the same time, if I was craving a queso because I had a shitty day, I wouldn’t deny myself. I still went to breakfast and brunch with my friend. Brunch was easy because it wouldn’t start till 11:00 anyway, so I didn’t have to worry. I went to two 7:30 breakfasts with friends and I was very happy with just coffee. I focused on conversations and developing relationships instead of food.
A few of my friends started intermittent fasting without my encouragement. In all honesty, very few people knew I was even doing it. My roommate didn’t even realize until I was talking about it last night. My mother, of course, knew because she’s constantly shoving food down my throat. Sometimes, I missed having eggs, but I would just have eggs for lunch that day. My friends who have started doing it have reported a lot higher energy. I do think it helped with energy levels, but for me, it was more with the post-lunch crash that you usually get. Despite the fact that I had two mind-numbingly boring classes in a row, I stayed relatively energetic.
Honestly, my favorite part about intermittent fasting is that it is a diet where I’m not constantly thinking about food or what I eat. I’ve seen my friends who are doing Whole30, and they spend a lot of time and energy focusing on what they can or cannot eat. I never want to have a negative relationship with food because it’s absolutely delicious and required for your body to function normally. Low-carb meals aren’t that hard in my opinion because I replace carbs I might have eaten with more filling. Instead of tacos, I make the insides of a taco and just eat extra of the yummy parts. I’ve been doing intermittent fasting since early October, and honestly, I forget it’s a thing I’m doing till someone asks me about breakfast. I love that it’s such a part of my life that I don’t even have to think about it.
In honor of the new year and possibly already forgotten resolutions, I’m giving away two copies of The 2 Meal Day, one here and one on Instagram. I’m really happy to find something that works for me and helps with my energy levels.

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Do you have any fitness goals for 2018? Are you trying out any diets? Would you try intermittent fasting?
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