7 Things to Do in Austin for Galentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is almost here which means Galentine’s day is even closer! I’m excited to spend this Galentine’s Day with my best friend! We’ve been friends for seven years and we’ve lived in the same city for two and half years. I’ve been blessed to be in the same city as her since November. We are celebrating with some of her friends, cheese, and wine. If you decided to stay in, cook up a storm with one of these recipes. Always remember, best friend can be a tier or a person. (Thanks Mindy!)
Austin Galentine's Day Guide | paper + flame
I’m a through and through extrovert. I need to be around people to unwind and relax. I’m personally a “friend person.” I don’t love people and meeting new people but I love “my people.” I commit a lot of time and energy to reaching out and maintaining relationships. Especially since graduation, my friends are scattered across the country and the world, and my goal is to make more time for everyone. 
After going to an all-girls school, I learned the power and depth of female friendship. From high school, I have amazing friends who support me but still know when to call me out. From college, I have an amazing group of girlies that still reach out to wish me happy first day of school even though their college days are gone. For me, I’ve loved seeing all my friends blossom into honestly amazing people that are successful in their careers and give me real life #goals. Especially around my birthday, I feel blessed that, despite always being a birthday princess, my friends go out of their way to make me feel special and are understanding of my extra-ness. 
I’ve had this conversation with cousin a few months ago and Rachel this weekend. Guys have it easy because they literally just need a computer to make them roommates freshman year of college, and they’ll be best friends in life. Girls definitely don’t settle in the same way but have much deeper and supportive friendships. My cousin was telling me how she now has an amazing group of girl friends that she really lacked before college. She didn’t realize what she was missing out on until she had that group of girls. 
Galentine’s Day is on a Tuesday this year which means you might not be able to go all out unless your friends are fine with mimosa-ing at 7 am before work. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite bars and restaurants with great happy hours (and snacks) along with other activities, so y’all can enjoy some time with the girlies with minimal coordination. 
Austin Galentine's Day Guide | paper + flame
Happy Hour Drinks + Bites 
Holy Roller has happy hour from 4-7! I highly recommend getting the cocktail, Queen fo  a Day, their Trash Fries, and the Grilled Cheesus. If it offered, I recommend the Chicken Pot Pie as well. It’s easily the most flavorful chicken pot pie I’ve had. I’d end the night with their Circus Cookie Soft Serve. It has the cutest “girls, girls, girls” sign!
Key Bar has happy hour from 4-8PM with cocktails for $9, beers for $3, and wines for $5. I highly recommend getting the Double-Bubbles which is $5 and has a glass of champagne with juice filled boba at the bottom! This is right next to Holy Roller, so it’s perfect to go while you’re waiting for a table. It also has a fire pit, so you can all stay warm!
Eberly has happy hour from 5-7 in their back section called Cedar Tavern. Eberly is super aesthetic and you can get those perfect #squadpics. They have half price certain food items, including pizzas! They also have $7 cocktails and $6 wine by the glass. I recommend their Green Belt Pizza (and it’s only $7.50) and a French 75. 
If margs are more of your vibe, I have two recommendations! Cyclone Anaya’s has happy hour from 11-6 and it’s perfect for a quick lunch with the girlies. It’s in the domain and their queso and margaritas are to die for! For a more central option, El Chile has happy hour from 3-6 and I recommend the Spicy Sandia and the queso! 
You don’t always need alchol to have fun! If you want to do something with your girls, I recommend the Blue Star Lite Drive-In! It is showing Dirty Dancing on Tuesday and you can BYOB food and drinks. Throw together a picnic basket and enjoy! Alamo Drafthouse is doing a 90 minute showing of every Galentine’s Day episode of Parks and Recreation! Both events require tickets and Alamo Drafthouse has has a $5 reservation fee that is a redeemable food and drink coupon!
Supporting Women
Galentine’s Day is all about women supporting women, so I wanted to bring up some of my favorite female entrepreneurs based in Austin and around the country. Bulletin has brick-and-mortar store in New York the I stumbled into that carry things made my female creators. They have an amazing online shop as well!  Luella has your perfect #feminist clothes an accessories. Ponytail Mafia is made in Austin and is perfect for your girl gang. Lastly, if y’all are scrambling last minute for a cute shirt, Amazon’s got your back! They have one-day shipping if you buy this or this shirt. 
Do you celebrate Galentine’s Day? What are your Galentine’s Day plans? 
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What I Eat Wednesday | Tuscan Kale Caesar Salad

New Year New Blog Series? So I’m starting a weekly series called What I Eat Wednesday. As a fake adult, I’ve taught myself a variety of food and desserts that even the pickiest of eaters (aka I) will eat. I’m definitely not the healthiest person in the world, but I like to describe food as a eat as healthy light. It’s definitely not unhealthy and could easily be made even more healthy. As a food lover, there’s only so much I can sacrifice in terms of taste for health. Growing up, my mom always fed us extremely healthy and delicious food. It’s definitely not an art that I have mastered, but I’ve slowly experimented to make something delicious.  Also, out of pure laziness, a lot of these meals will be vegetarian. This is only because cooking meat takes time, and I worry about refrigeration. This Tuscan Kale Caesar Salad can easily be dressed up with the meat of your choice.
Tuscan Kale Caesar Salad | paper + flame
This salad is definitely not a creation of my own. In October, I went to Chicago for a wedding with a big group of my friends. Our first night, we went out for a nice dinner to Siena Tavern, which I highly recommend. The head chef of the restaurant is Fabio from Top Chef, and all of the food was delicious. We ordered multiple appetizers for the table, but unfortunately, many of them were seafood, which I do not eat. I ordered myself a Tuscan Kale Caesar Salad because I am a lover for Caesar salads. I thought that it was a pretty safe choice, and I was interested to find out what makes a Caesar salad Tuscan. Little did I know, Tuscan kale was a kind of kale also called Lacinto or Dino Kale. It tastes less kale-y than baby kale, and you don’t have to massage it (whatever that means).  It was delicious, refreshing, and surprisingly filling. The recipe seems easy enough and would be great as an appetizer or a side of a meal. I take this for lunch on a daily basis when I got to campus.
It’s a salad, so it doesn’t really need instructions. I do have some notes on the ingredients. My local grocery store, HEB, a big Texas chain, carries Tuscan Kale and calls it Lacinto. I prefer the Trader Joe’s Organic Tuscan Kale because it comes pre-washed and pre-chopped. One package of kale from TJs lasts me a week! I prefer a yogurt-based dressing because it’s much lighter and healthier. I recommend a flavored Caesar dressing to add an extra punch. I love Poblano Caesar dressing. Also, I recommend buying the dressings that are in the area with fresh produce because they tend to have less preservatives since they are refrigerated. Lastly, load up on those croutons to ease your way into salads.  Also, I generally leave out the extra cheese.
Meal Prep Tips
I combine the dressing and lemon for the week, and put into individual containers for each day. I separate kale into containers for the week and croutons every morning. Croutons tend to get soggy if you leave them in the fridge. At lunch, I usually just shake up my salad container.

Serving Size 4

1 Package or bunch of Tuscan/Dino/Lacinto Kale
8 tablespoons dressing (2 per serving)
1 package croutons
1 Lemon
1/2 cup parmesan (optional)
  1. Combine the juice of 1/2 to 1 lemon with dressing depending on preference.
  2. Toss kale and dressing until evenly distributed.
  3. Serve with croutons.
What’s your easy go-to lunch? Are you going to try it out? If you make this, use #pfeats on Insta.
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Wishlist | Halloween Decor

It’s October 1st, so I think it’s absolutely appropriate to start talking about Halloween Decor. Until college, I wasn’t a big Halloween girl, but, somehow, all my friends in college are big fans. They have officially converted me to a fan of the festivities. First of all, I can get behind anyway holiday that is essentially a big celebration of the color black. Second, I love Halloween movies. I can’t watch any form of horror or suspense movies, but kids Halloween movies are my favorite.
You’ll see a bit of theme in this decor wishlist. All of these are affordable and most of them are dark colors. You can definitely go a bunch of different ways with your decorations, but my roommate goes very dark and spooooooky. Black accents are perfect for any design scheme, and keep the decor chic. All these items are extremely affordable and are from Target and H&M. I tried my best to keep all the decor not cheesy and functional otherwise.
Affordable Halloween Decor | paper + flame
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Gift Guide for Men Under $50

Basically, while trying to buy a gift for the boyfriend, I realized buying for men is weird because they usually never want anything. Also, everything they want, they usually buy or is $400. So, I wanted to put together some things under 50 bucks that you could buy for any man. A lot of this revolves around alcohol solely because my boyfriend loves beer and gin…like a lot.

Gifts for Men Under $50 | gold&hearts

Weekender Bag

Recently, my boyfriend and I have started doing long distance(ish), and he brings the biggest duffle bag that is half empty and takes up so much space. So, this weekender bag is part of his actual Christmas present.

Alcohol-themed Presents

The boyfriend loves his craft beer and gin, so I have a few alcohol themed presents. The cocktail set is great for someone in their early 20s who are just moving into their first place. The beer-making kit is a really fun idea and is definitely one of those “gifting an experience” things. Alternatively, if beer isn’t his thing, this gin-making kit is a similar idea.


If your boyfriend/dad/brother loves cooking, this cookbook is cool. I didn’t want this to be hyper-masculine “yeah guns, fire, boobs” kinda guide, but this book actually has really cool food ideas (aka food I want someone to cook for me).


Joggers are a fun alternative to Christmas pajamas that will actually be worn besides when someone runs out of laundry. These are fashionable and functional with hella pockets. Also, let’s be real, everyone loves being comfy in the winter time.


So technology pieces are usually hella expensive, but I found some really cool pieces under $50. I did some research to find these wireless earphones are just over 20 bucks and are highly rated on Amazon. They are perfect for anyone who loves working out. Also, the Amazon Echo Dot is really cool. It’s speaker, timer, etc. and is Alexa enabled, so you can use voice commands to control things around your house.

I hope this made your shopping a little bit easier. To see what to get for your beauty obsessed friend, check out this guide.

What are you buying for the men in your life?

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Shows to Binge Watch this Fall

A little over a year ago, we did a post on shows to watch on Netflix during that summertime sadness. We wanted to update that to include new shows that we are in love with. For me, fall time is the time of the year that I snuggle up with my roommate and watch T.V. with scented candles. Also, the colder weather makes me feel extra cuddly. Side note, I’ve recently gotten back into Netflix since I’ve had a moment to breathe.

Shows to Binge Watch This Fall | gold&hearts


  • Stranger Things
  • The Get Down
  • Jessica Jones
  • Luke Cage
  • Shameless
  • The X-Files
  • Reign


  • Master of None
  • The Ranch
  • Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
  • Bob’s Burgers
  • Don’t Trust The B In Apartment 23
  • Easy
  • The Mysteries of Laura

“Reality” TV

  • Kid’s Baking Championship
  • Cupcake Wars
  • Fixer Upper
  • Giada at Home


What are your fall traditions? What are your favorite tv shows? Did I miss anything on this list?

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Beauty | Sweat-Proof Game Day Makeup

Y’all, I pulled some next level magic this game day. My makeup did not budge the entire day even though it was 80% humidity and 90 degrees outside. I have really really oily skin, so this was an actual miracle that it lasted 9 hours through the game and tailgating. Because I turned into some makeup sorceress, I wanted to share with you my secrets to help your makeup stay in place.

Sweat-Proof Game Day Makeup | Make your makeup last all tailgating and game day!


I’m going to start off the primer. The Sephora Acne-Fighting Mattifying Moisturizer is super old, but it is the most effective mattifying primer. I put on two primers because I’m both paranoid and excessive. I used the Loreal Infallible Mattifying Base on my T-Zone and nose (the sweatiest areas). I followed that with the Too Faced Hangover Rx Primer.

Sweat-Proof Game Day Makeup | Make your makeup last all tailgating and game day!


Again, this might seem excessive, but I used three foundations. I used the L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation under my eyes, on my nose, and on my forehead. This isn’t exactly a highlight/contour situation, but you highlight where you naturally glisten usually. I used the Maybelline Matte + Poreless Foundation in the places not mentioned above. After applying all that, I used the Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin Foundation. 


When I get ready for a game, it’s definitely a marathon not a sprint. I wait to let all my products settle into my skin before I apply the next layer. I also blot my skin between layers of primers and foundation to make sure that it stays matte at all times. I like to finish my makeup some time before I have to leave to make sure that my skin has time to absorb everything and I can powder again. I was worried about looking cakey,but honestly, I sweat the cakey-ness off the second I stepped outside. To blend everything together and to prevent my face from getting cake, I very aggressively use my Real Techniques Blending Sponge. Sometimes, I use it damp with no product on just to get a flawless finish from my powder.

I received the Maybelline Better Skin Foundation for free and all opinions are my own.

What are your tips to keep your makeup from budging?

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College | Syllabus Week Checklist

It’s that time of the year again. I can’t believe that I’m starting my fourth year of college and my last year of undergrad. I’m in a five year Masters of Accounting program, so it’s bittersweet. It’s my last year with a lot of my friends, and I’m definitely not ready to say bye. Anyway, syllabus week has me stressed me out, but I’ve learned to channel that into a few small things that prepare me for the semester!

What to do during syllabus to get a 4.0 this semester | gold&hearts

Don’t miss class!

It’s really easy and super tempting to skip syllabus week, but some professors really notice and care when students are missing. They show up ready to teach, so you should show up in return out of respect for your professor. Not to mention, missing class is actually a really big waste of money because you are paying to have a spot in that class. You might still be unpacking, but the first week is relaxed anyway.

Print off your syllabus

Having a paper copy of your syllabus is vital! I keep them pinned up on the bulletin board above my desk! If you want a more eco-friendly option, I recommend downloading your syllabi on to a free pdf reader app on your phone just to make sure

Put everything from  your syllabus into your calendar/planner.

Your syllabus is really you map through this semester because believe it or not your professors have all of theirs expectations listed. A syllabus can be overwhelming so make sure you mark down all the important information using this method. If you are really into putting your life into your Google calendar, my lovely friend Kayla has an ~amazing~ guide for you! If you’re a student with a receptive schedule, I highly recommend this amazing planner, so you can create masterful planners.

Go to your professor’s office hours.

I say go the first week because no one else will be there. It really builds goodwill and you seem like less of a douche when you only see the professor the office hours before the exam the rest of the semester. Building a relationship with your professors is important because they can be your advocates if you want to further your education or just get bumped from the B to an A. Also, if you’re a freshman, you’re probably in these huge lecture halls, so having the  professor at least know your face really benefits you.

Order all your books!

This is pretty self explanatory, but make sure you comparison shop for your textbooks. I usually just google the ISBN number and buy the cheapest option. Keep in mind shipping costs and dates when you shop because if you have assignments due, you may want to go with a different option. My fellow Longhorn Jessica Slaughter has a comprehensive guide to help you out.

Get ahead!

Your motivation for an amazing semester will literally never be higher than this week. Use this week to build a good base for the semester and get ahead on all your readings! Also, I like to print out as many notes of class and make binders for each class during this week. I spend the first week getting ahead on as much work as possible because I ~know~ I’m going to fall behind afterwards.

Have fun!

If you’re anything like me, you started getting really nervous and stressed out your first week because you realize the difficulty and rigor of your classes. Remember to have fun! This is the last chill week you’re going to have a for a while. Catch up with your friends and have fun before the semesters starts.

What do you do during syllabus week? Do you take full advantage or do you get lazy like I do?
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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale | Beauty Under $50

Y’all it’s that time of the year again. It’s the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and DAMN have they stepped it up this year. As I aggressively filtered through the sneak preview, I realized WOW I can actually afford some of this stuff. There’s something about being a college student and shopping at Nordstrom that doesn’t match. I searched far and wide to come up with a list of affordable beauty specials that even college students can afford.

Nordstrom Sale

If you don’t know, every year, brands come up with special kits/palettes/sets exclusive to Nordstrom that are some serious deals. I have a love/hate relationship with makeup shopping because Sephora is overwhelming, but also I need to get shade matched. I found things that will work with every skin tone AND under 50 bucks, with a lot under 25! Just scroll over the product to get more details.

Laura Mercier Twist and Pout is the perfect neutral lipstick for every skin tone that is super work appropriate. It’s a perfect addition for the “nearly a real adult” section of your makeup.

LORAC Refined Romance Cheek and Eye Palette  is only 19 bucks(!!!), and you’ll never travel with another palette again! The colors go from super wearable and work appropriate to night out glam. It’ll be just one less part of your suitcase that you’re overpacking.

Stila Stay All Day Set not only includes their legendary liquid liner (which normally is the price of the whole set, but also has an amazing liquid lipstick that is ready to end up in your purse with the other 900239483 nude lipsticks in there.

Living Proof’s ‘Perfect Hair Day’ Set is the most expensive item on this list but also so worth it. I’ve used a sample of the shampoo and conditioner and can’t make the plunge to by the normal size, so this set is perfect! Also, y’all, this dry shampoo though. You can use it after a workout and it looks like you took a shower. Which means, if you’re like me, you don’t have to plan your workout schedule around your hair washing days.

Beauty Blender set is an absolute steal because it’s 20 bucks for one but for 35 you get two and a cleaner. Blending sponges work wonders for your foundation but carry a lot of bacteria. With this set, you’ll be set for a long time. See what I did there.

Mario Badescu ‘The Icon, The Cult Favorite & The Hero’ Set is probably the item I’m most excited about. It’s an absolute steal with each product highly loved. Kylie Jenner swears by the drying lotion to get rid of any acne overnight and I concur.

What are you going to get from the Nordstrom Sale? Do y’all want to see more picks from the sale?

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Rep Your Major Monday | Speech, Language, and Hearing Science

Rep Your Major Monday SLP Gold&Hearts

Every Monday, we’ll have people we know (blogger friends and real life friends) talk about their major to help other college students learn about areas of study and possible career paths. We want everyone in college or hoping to go to college to recognize that there’s more at your university than the major your parents want you to succeed in, but a major that you feel comfortable and happy with. We’re picking people who feel passionate about their major and want to show our readers that being miserable in a biology class and other pre-med requirements isn’t the way to live if you want to be learning about our government’s structure and law.


Today, we are talking to the lovely Kayla Rivoli, who is a Speech, Language,  and Hearing Science major at Temple University.

Kayla blogs over at Kaylablogs about books, planners, organization, and a bit of college advice. She’s one of my favorite people I have met in the blogosphere.

What’s your major and potential career paths in that field?

My major is speech, language, and hearing science! With a major in SLH you can be a speech-language pathologist or audiologist after going to graduate school. If grad school isn’t your thing you could be a speech-language pathology assistant. There are probably other career paths but being an SLP, Audiologist, or SLPA are the most common ones!

What made you choose your major?
I chose my major after talking with my mom about possible career paths. I had originally wanted to be a pharmacist but I decided that I didn’t want to take that many biology and chemistry courses. As soon as my mom brought up speech-language pathology, I was pretty much hooked. I did some research, watched some YouTube videos of therapy, and decided that yep, I could see myself doing this!

What are common misconceptions about your major?
Some common misconceptions are that SLPs only work with articulation errors. For example, “Johnny can’t say his /r/ correctly”. That would be an example of an articulation problem. But SLPs work with SUCH a broad scope from language disorders to swallowing disorders. Most people have no clue how much SLPs actually do. 

What made you confident that your major was right for you?

After shadowing a speech-language pathologist for the first time. I had a blast. I was a junior in high school and my mom encouraged me to shadow just so I could be totally sure that I liked the field. I shadowed an elementary school speech pathologist and she was absolutely awesome. She saw such a great group of kids and I loved being there with her all day. 
The second time my decision felt solidified was after I shadowed last semester in a rehab center. The SLP saw both adults and children and I realized that I loved the adult side of speech therapy just as much (if not more!) than the pediatric side. After that, I learned I loved more than one facet of speech pathology which really excited me!

What advice do you have to people who want to study your major?

Work hard and make sure this is what you really want. Speech-language pathology is a crazy and competitive field and there are a lot of passionate people involved. The sooner you figure out if this is truly your passion, the better. Everything I learn interests me SO much and it has really reflected in my grades and my work ethic! 

What’s your favorite major class that you’ve taken?

Communication Deviations and Disorders. It was all about the different disorders SLPs and Audiologists work with in the field. I was so interested in everything that had to do with that class. It also required me to shadow more SLPs and interview those that were currently in the field. I learned so much about the profession and my professor was a legit goddess. She was an SLP and she was literally everything I wanted to be!
Want to be featured on an upcoming Rep Your Major Monday? Let us know! goldandheartsblog@gmail.com
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