Gifts for Bakers Under $20

So, if you look at my birthday wishlist, I’ve recently started baking seriously. I got three cookbooks (baking books?) for my birthday/Christmas. The only thing I’ve been loving more than baking recently is buying dumb gadgets to make baking a little easier. Especially after watching the Great British Bake-Off, I’ve been trying to be the most annoying and pretentious baker I can. In the same spirit as this post, I wanted to gather up things under $20 that y’all (also my friends) can buy your baker friends (me).
Gifts for Bakers Under $20 | paper + flame

I’ve been making a lot of bread recently so this pastry brush can make my egg wash-ing and olive oil-ing more precise. Addiotnally, I’d love to have a pastry dough slicer to help with wet dough. I had a disastrous experience making this focaccia. Along with bread, I love cheese, especially brie. This is ridiculous, but this is a brie baker. I love heating up brie in the oven, but I don’t particularly love wrapping it filo dough or other carbs since I plan on eating it with fresh bread. Lastly, I want to get a silpat because I love baking, but I hate cleaning up. My current apartment doesn’t have a dishwasher, so I love anything to make clean up easy.

After watching GBBO, I’m trying to be more scientific and precise with my baking. A cookie scoop, not only helps measure out cookies, helps measure out equal amounts of batter of cupcakes. This will go perfectly with my ramekins and mini bundt cakes. I want ramekins because I’m trying my hand at chocolate lava cake. Also, bundt cakes cook evenly because of the design, and mini ones are so cute. Lastly, a cake spinner and offset spatulas would be great to perfect to create the perfect smooth frosting.

Do y’all bake? What’s on your Christmas list? Check out the rest of  the Blogmas posts! 
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Gifts for Cooks Under $20

My sophomore year of college, I moved into my first apartment. This was my first time being totally responsible for all of my meals. To be fair, I don’t think I particularly killed it. I used to make one huge pot of pasta that had a store bought sauce, one vegetable, and chicken. I’d eat that for every meal, even breakfast sometimes. Since then, I’ve learned how to love cooking. Day to day cooking isn’t the most exciting, but I’ve learned to enjoy cooking, especially for other people. Slowly, I’ve been stealing small kitchen gadgets from my mom to up my cooking game. These gifts are perfect for anyone in their first apartment, especially adult apartment. Most of these are from Target, so you don’t even have to venture too far.

Gifts for Cooks Under $20 | paper + flame


So, I personally want this book because it really breaks cooking down to almost scientific basics. So, I love chicken, but I’m the most annoying person. I like my chicken the second it isn’t pink or slimy anymore. To perfect the art of the chicken, I really want a meat thermometer, so I can take it off the flame at exactly 165 degrees. I want a sprializer really badly. After the aforementioned year of eating pasta, I do enjoy pasta a little less. A spiralizer will put a healthy twist on pasta and I can still indulge in my real love, cheese. A zester adds the perfect aesthetic touch on top of dishes especially when I’m making them for someone else. Here’s some real millennial first world problems. I love avocado toast but it requires at least two utensils, a knife and fork. I’m definitely way too lazy to wash that many dishes, so this avocado tool is perfect.

My mom bought a chopper, and it has changed all our lives. She gives it to everyone for every occasion. Chopping veggies is just annoying and with this box I can crank out chopped vegetables for a salad or a dish so quickly. Also, it’s so aesthetically pleasing for a salad or burrito bowl when everything is the same size. Okay, I know a citrus squeezer sounds a little over the top, but I use it at least once a week. We have this exact squeezer and the little dip in the bottom just makes it extra efficient. So, I have a not as fun version of a garlic chopper, but I love it! It minces it, so I can use fresh garlic. I’m generally trying to use less processed foods. I can now chop up garlic without cutting my fingers off.

What fun kitchen gadgets do you y’all have? Do you have any cooking hacks? Here’s the rest of Blogmas!

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Hostess Gifts Under $20

This is my first holiday season as a real semi-adult. Despite being in grad school, all my friends are all young professionals with real jobs and beautiful apartments. They have been loving hosting dinner parties and game nights. Again as a grad student with grad student debt, I want to take them something to adorable to everyone’s home without going even further into debt. Here are some great options under $20 for that hostess that will pair perfectly with any bottle of wine or cheese you take.

This might as well be a things I want right now post. Oops. Grad school is weird because it’s only a year for me. I already have a job lined up and I feel like I’m waiting for my life start a bit. After graduation, I’ll be moving back home because it’s too convenient to pass up. I’m hesitant to buy cute home stuff as I don’t know when I’ll have a place of my own. Anyway, there’s my existential crisis over. Here’s some other stuff I want.

Housewarming Gifts Under $20 | paper+flame


First off, this metal cake stand is beautiful and even comes in silver. This makes a perfect centerpiece for a table or island, regardless of baking abilities. Going with the centerpiece vibe, I love this cool geometric candlestick. Although I don’t fully believe in not finishing the bottle of wine, this wine stopper is gorgeous. Also, the candle is not just a candle but also a holder. You can easily repurpose the candle holder around the house.

The mug is beautiful and a fun amount of festive. Something about it seems wintery and beautiful in a very Scandinavian way. I love small details and embossing on these two gifts. The mitt says “great things will be served,” and the leather tray says “simple things.” Both are beautiful and decorative in a simple Scandinavian way. This metal frame has a similar minimalist vibe and super on trend

Check out our other blogmas posts here.

What is your go-to gift for a hostess? What are your recent homeware favs?

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Birthday Wishlist

Long time no see! We are back with with Blogmas. I’m planning on posting every other day so we have at least 12 days of Christmas. My birthday is November 30th and kicks off the holiday season. I love being able to spend time with my friends and family before the stress and business of the holidays kicks in. This year, I’ve been extra blessed to be surrounded by so much love from friends. I had a birthday dinner on my actual birthday followed by a fun potluck, which y’all will hear all about soon. I feel particularly “adult” this year as all my friends are working and brought amazing thoughtful gifts and food.

Birthday Wishlist | paper + flame


  1. I was helping my friend find some boots two weeks ago and saw a friend in one of my classes wearing these gorgeous boots. They luckily have been on sale at Nordstrom. My friends ending up getting me similar (but cooler) boots. I love Chelsea boots, and these are fun and heeled upgrade.
  2. This necklace from Mejuri is gorgeous. It is the matching necklace to these earrings that Oliver gave me for our anniversary. He ended up getting me this equally as gorgeous necklace that I love. Honestly, he’s not helping with my Mejuri obsession that is 100% Allana’s fault.
  3. Admittedly, I’m not a big perfume person, but recently, I’ve been dabbling in perfume. This perfume set is small and not too scent specific making it a great gift.
  4. As a perpetually dehydrated person, I always want a new fun water bottle to help me drink more water. I definitely don’t need new water bottles, but this Hydroflask comes with a straw!!
  5. This dry shampoo set is great because I’m a disgusting person and definitely don’t wash my hair enough. Enough said lol.
  6. I recently got a new phone and am trying to go away from my phone wallet. This key pouch from Madewell is adorable, monogrammable, and will hopefully stop me from leaving my house with the required items. I ended up buying myself a similar key pouch from Target in black.
  7. I’m obsessed with the Great British Bake Off (Baking Show in the US). If you’ve ever watched an episode, you know exactly why it’s  so great. This bread book is amazing, and my amazing friends bought me two different books by Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry, the judges.
  8. So, I’ve had a phone wallet for four years and I’m trying to transition away from the phone wallet. Now that I have an iPhone 8 Plus, a large phone wallet would be too bulky. This is a slimmer option that one with a flap. I ended up getting a similar case from Amazon.

What’s your favorite part of your birthday? Do you have any fun birthday traditions? What are you excited for this Christmas?

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Father’s Day Gift Guide Under $50

Aaaaand we are back. After a hiatus from blogging, we are back! It was our last semester’s of our senior year of college and, boy, did they become hectic. I actually did a minimester from January to the middle of February and interned the rest of the semester. It’s almost Father’s Day and in true millennial fashion, I’ve made sure all these picks are on Amazon and prime-able. Especially when you graduate, you look back and see all the support (and money) your parents have invested in you. To thank your dad, we’ve got some fun picks together.

To be fair, none of these are particularly “Dad,” but I tried my best. My family buys my dad the same three things (two polos and a white dress shirt) for every occasion, so this is really switching it up on my end. Also, I bought the dopp kit for my boyfriend for Christmas and he loves it. Honestly, it’s way bigger than I can imagine any guy will ever need, so a personally thumbs up for that product.
Father's Day Gift Guide Under $50 | paper + flame
If you need additionally ideas, we have a general gift guide for men from earlier.

Have you bought your dad a present? What’s your go-to gift for your dad or the men in your life?
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Wishlist | Books for this Summer

Books to read this summer! | gold&hearts

Summer is here, and we wanted to start it off with a bang. If you’re bored to death already or need some entertainment while tanning, we have compiled a list of books by our favorite females. This year has been the one of the #FEMINIST, so all these books are written by ladies discussing their life experiences that will make you laugh, cry, and empathize. Personally, we are hoping to read the rest this summer. Use these books to inspire yourself to start a business this summer or just be the best version of yourself.

  1. Bad Feminist is an everyday version of the feminist manifesto. It’s a collection of essays by Roxanne Gay who describes herself as a bad feminist. It’s really redefining feminism in a modern sense where you can love pink and read Vogue but still stand up for equal pay. 
  2. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) is Mindy Kaling’s brain child, and the book, like her, is hilarious. Reading this book is like hearing her animatedly whispering in your ear. Her writing style is just like hearing her speak, and she discusses her experiences growing up as Indian-American. 
  3. Bossypants is a behind the scenes look at Tina Fey’s life told by Tina Fey herself. She fills the book with experiences about growing up a mega nerd and fulfilling her dreams of becoming a comedian. She’s one of the most relatable celebrities who attending college and became who she is. Her story is full of hilariously Tina Fey moments that’ll have you laughing and crying. 
  4. #GIRLBOSS is the inspiration you need this summer to get that business going. Sophia Amoruso, the founder of Nasty Gal, talks about her rise from nothing to the glorious empire she’s created. As a female CEO, which there are far and few, she can inspire you to truly take that business/blog/idea to a whole new level. 
  5. In Yes Please, Amy Poehler discusses her life experiences and provides advices in her own hilarious way. She talks about her life and career and how to approach your own. From stories to lists to poetry, this books is filled with hilarious anecdotes reinforcing some strong messages. 
  6. Cupcakes and Cashmere is the product of one of our own, by own I mean a blogger, Emily Schuman. Her blog is immaculate her life is actually my #lifegoals. In her book, she discusses recipes, party-planning tips, and DIYs in her truly elegant style. I have a feeling this book will become my bible on my “how to be a real adult.”
  7. Lean In is the book to consult on being a woman in the corporate world. I’m a business major. and I’m forever inspired by Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook. She’s a woman who truly has it all because she works hard at what she does. She combines her own experiences with data and facts to really create a picture of women in the workforce. 
  8. In Hard Choices, Hillary Clinton discusses her life after the 2008 presidential election and working with Obama. Regardless of your political leaning, I think Clinton is a big inspiration to women because she’s easily the most powerful female we have in government. As a country to never have a female leader, I think she has blazed a path for women. 
  9. How to Be a Heroine: Or, What I’ve Learned from Reading too Much discusses all the major heroines in the classics and tries to pinpoint the exact definition of a heroine. Samantha Ellis examines heroines from Jane Eyre to Slyvia Plath to Cathy Earnshaw and how she might have spent her life choosing the wrong heroines to follow. 
  10. Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison is the book that started the hit Netflix series. Learn about the real story of Piper (Kerman) in prison. Warning: there’s much less sex, but it’s just as heart-wrenching. Also, Larry doesn’t suck in this version.


*Links in this post are affiliate links*

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Wishlist | Formal Dresses Under $100

Formal (and prom) season is here at last! You’re excited to get all gussied up to dance the night away with your best friends, sorority sisters, or cute boys (or maybe all three). We scoured the internet to find some of our favorite formal dresses that fit a tight budget. In fact, all of these are under $100! You should also look at the websites these come from, too, to find your dream dress. Happy shopping!

Wishlist | Formal Dresses Under $100

  1. Navy Deep V Dress from ASOS
  2. White Deep V Dress from ASOS
  3. Maroon Off-the-Shoulder Dress from ASOS
  4. Criss Cross and Mesh Dress from ASOS
  5. Coral Cut Out Dress from ASOS
  6. Black Sparkle Dress from PromGirl

Although I’ve already had my sorority’s formal this semester (picture below of me and my little diamond sister), I wanted to share these dresses with you so you won’t have to break the bank to find a gorgeous look for yours! Don’t forget to make Pinterest your best friend for hair and makeup ideas.


If you’ve already decided on an outfit or already had your formal, tell us about it! What other college events do y’all want us to cover in future posts?

Be beautiful, stay safe, and have tons of fun!

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Wishlist | Marble

Here's every millennial marble wishlist!

Here at gold&hearts, we’ve been obsessed with marble and everything marble related. Pinterest has been overflowing with marble crafts, and we are definitely buying into the trend. We’ve complied our favorite marble products from around the internet into one master wishlist. No matter how big or small your love of marble is, you will find something that you love on this list.
Every millennial's marble wishlist!

5.iPhone Case

6. Fox Run Marble Board

7. Marble Coasters

What’s your opinion on the marble trend? Are you planning on buying any of these products? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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