Reflections + Our Only Blog Goal

My one and only blog goal for this year is to build a community.

Reflections + 2018 Blog Goals | paper + flame


If you’ve read this blog at any point in the past three years, you know we do not post regularly. However, still, the blog is just something that I can’t let go or leave behind. I’ve met some amazing people through this blogging in the past couple of years. In 2016, I met Gabby, Tiffani (and Thomas), and Kayla (and Ryan). It’s weird meeting people you only interact with on Twitter in real life. They are all not only amazing bloggers but also great people. This is one of my biggest reason’s to build a community.

In the past few months, I focused on two platforms a bit more. Through October and November, I focused on Instagram and truly found joy in curating a feed that I think is #aesthetic. I also found joy in posting whatever I want because I though it was beautiful. In December, I enjoyed being on Twitter and being unapologetically myself and connecting with people on a person to person basis. Nothing starts a friendship like the same sense of (dry and slightly self-deprecating) humor. Not only that, I’ve connected with people in Austin that I can’t wait to become IRL friends with once I return to Austin.

I re-found my love for blogging with #Blogmas. Admittedly, I only posted 9 out of 12 days of Blogmas, but I challenged myself to put something up. I created content that I loved about topics I cared about along with some content just to put stuff up. It varied in quality, but it was enough for me to prove to myself that I can be consistent. For Blogmas, I would take any small amount of time and put it into writing a post. I used study breaks and tv time with my friends mainly and was mainly just proud of myself. I hope to continue that consistency in the new year.


As I said before, my only blog goal is to build a community, but I want to do that in many different ways. I want to continue creating content that I love and care about that may not be “on brand” or “on theme.” I want to have a definite “paper + flame” image out there that reflects Kaylee and I as people. Obviously, I want to consistently create content on all platforms. I just want to do the things that make me love blogging even if that includes some of the admin stuff. To start off, in January, I want to post every three days. I’ve broken it down weekly to not overwhelm myself. I’m hoping to start bullet journaling to replace my collection of sticky notes I carry around that dictate my life.

I want to meet other bloggers in person. I want to specifically make and effort to reach out to people in Texas and meet up for coffee or a drink. In January, I’ve already lined up a few bloggers to meet with and I am excited. I’m not an introverted person by any means, but I still get nervous meeting new people. I’m focusing on people I have a good genuine connection with regardless of their popularity. The blogging community is mainly why I don’t want to stop blogging even if I’m not the best blogger. People here are just great people.

Lastly, I want support more bloggers. Whether that’s commenting on a post or retweeting a tweet, I want to be there for my fellow bloggers in the same way I am there for my friends. I want to support every business venture and personal venture they undertake to the best of my ability. I want to enter ever giveaway and support people. I really love one-on-one connections as I have mentioned, and I really want to create and develop new ones this way. This is a big part of the “building a community” goal.

This was a kind of weird post to write because, to someone who doesn’t know me, could sound like absolute and utter fluffy bullshit. I honestly am excited to give back and love the blogging community the way they have to me.

What are your blog goals? What’s your favorite part of the blogging community? 

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