Things I Want to Learn in 2018

Resolutions are hard, but I have some for the blog and some for myself in the future. If resolutions aren’t your thing, or you’ve already given up, challenge yourself to learn new things. If you don’t want to learn something new, try and improve on a skill you already have. The next six months are my last of avoiding adulthood. Admittedly, a year of graduate school isn’t delaying adulthood for long, but I’ll take everything I can get. I want to teach myself some basic (and not so basic) things in the next few months when I do have time on my hands. I start working in the beginning of busy season for my industry, so I want to learn somethings for fun and some to simplify my life  A lot of these things I can do while continuing to do the things I love, like listen to podcasts or watch TV.

Things I Want to Learn | paper + flame


Some of these things are pretty basic. I need to learn how to blow dry my hair, so it looks beautiful and voluminous. I have wavy/curly hair, so it’s frustrating leaving the house with wet hair because I have no idea how it’ll turn out. This really shouldn’t be this difficult, but I never learned how to do it. I, also, want to learn more about skincare products and create a routine that works for me. I have extremely oily skin. As it’s starting to warm up again here in Texas, I want to keep oiliness at bay. Lastly, I’ve had a DSLR for about two years now, so I really want to develop my photography skills further. I’ve done all the research and know what I need to know, but I just need to go out and shoot.

Cooking and Baking

I want to learn some specific technical skills for the new year. I really want to improve my cooking and baking skills technically. Within cooking, I want to be able to make a “fancy” food that is to be determined. I want to have a signature dish that everyone wants me to make all the time. Also, I want to try my hand at making more regional cuisines. I had a Lithuanian professor two consecutive semesters and started baking Lithuanian treats. I want to take countries and really break them down and make local foods. Baking-wise, I want to be able to make a swiss roll. I made and absolutely tragic Swiss roll with Karina about a month ago. I really want to try more technically difficult breads. I’ve perfected my focaccia and want to work on Challah next. The Challah plait is beautiful, and I want to make a few before Passover.

What do you want to learn in 2018?

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