Why You Should Make Resolutions + How to Keep Them!

Do you remember your New Years Resolution? It’s been a week, so how are they going? It’s the time of the year where you feel silently judged by all the health food recipes on Pinterest. Even though plenty of sarcastic comments float around the Internet around this time, you shouldn’t feel discouraged from making resolutions! I’m a big podcast person, and a lot of these podcasts feature studies explaining how and why your resolutions don’t work. Including my personal experience with making resolutions, which happens about every two months when I feel bored and uninspired.
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Why make resolutions?

Resolving to improve yourself is never a bad thing regardless of the outcome. The ability to change yourself for the better is not only good for yourself but also inspiring for others. Regardless of the size or importance of your resolution, there’s never anything bad with improving yourself! Also, make resolutions often! I make resolutions every few months when I’m feeling uninspired with my surroundings and my life. It starts off with a big closet cleanup and a reorganization of my life and ends with me working out a bit more.

Why do resolutions fail?

Resolutions usually fail because people don’t know how to set realistic goals.
  1. Most people don’t know what is a reasonable goal. Remember your resolutions are for the year of 2016. It doesn’t mean they need to be accomplished today! It means that it is something you need accomplish by the end of the year.
  2. Also, people don’t know how long it’ll take to achieve that goal. Going from a couch potato to a regular runner isn’t going to happen in running every other day for two weeks. It’s probably something you’ll struggle with for a month or two.

How do you keep resolutions?

  1. Break down your goals! If you’ve read my blog goals, I’ve broken them down monthly! I want to get to a place in the end where I’m a regular blogger who posts actively on social media. Realistically, if I force myself to do everything right now, then I will get blogger burn out and abandon the plan once I get back to school.
  2. Write your goals down! Make sure you see your goals on a daily basis! Make it your phone background, and put them on a sticky note on your mirror. Make them your laptop background and shout them to the world. When everyone knows your goals, it’ll make you feel more responsible.

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